EVERY Fast Travel Option in New World & How to Use Them

In this video we discuss every fast travel option in New World and how to use them.

There are no mounts in New World, and it can take quite a bit of time to move around, however, there are some fast travel options available in game. There are 4 fast travel options that consist of setting your Inn in New World, Traveling between settlements using Azoth, utilizing player housing, and finding discoverable fast travel locations across Aeternum.

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How to Fast Travel in New World

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—New World Description—

New World is an MMO being developed by Amazon Game Studios and the New World release date is set for August 31, 2021. New World Beta will be on July 20, 2021, and the New World Alpha is currently ongoing with testers being invited weekly.

Carve your destiny
Fate has summoned you to the shores of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle. Overcome the brutal legions of The Corrupted and draw battle lines with competing players in this land of danger and opportunity. In a land hell-bent on your destruction, what will you do to survive? Strike out alone to forge your own heroic path, or band together, fortify, and fight.

Under the surface of Aeternum’s breathtaking landscape lay the seeds of an ancient evil that plots to erase all traces of humanity from its shores. Warriors of bygone ages, doomed adventurers, and creatures of legend have all succumbed to its corruption. It must be stopped.

Combine skill and strength in melee combat, attack at range with precision, or master arcane attacks. However you choose to fight, you’ll need to forge, discover, and customize powerful weapons to fit your combat style. In epic wars with other players or holding back waves of The Corrupted, your combat skills will mean the difference between life and death.

Unite players with in-game social systems that power organization, hierarchy, and command and control of formidable in-game Companies. Venture out with your own intrepid party to battle The Corrupted or to seize the land and treasure of your enemies. A thriving Company consists of master craftsmen, fearless soldiers, guileful traders, and strong leaders. Where do your strengths lie?

As you explore Aeternum, you will discover beauty, danger, and opportunity at every turn. Bend the wilds to your will by hunting fierce beasts for food and crafting materials and harvesting valuable resources from the land to fuel your ascent to power. Leverage geographic advantages to control rare resources to accelerate the growth of your territory.


19 thoughts on “EVERY Fast Travel Option in New World & How to Use Them

  1. Perhaps the game can implement a sort of “taxi” system where you pay a small fee for instant travel from one settlement to another of your choosing? This can take the form of boat or wagon which would be available at every major and some minor settlements. This type of travel could also have no weight limitations so you can travel with a full inventory. At least it will give players an alternative to using Azoth.

  2. Thanks a lot for this comprehensive guide on fast travelling! Your videos as well as the upcoming beta will help a lot to understand the mechanics of the game, and to be ready for release by the end of August!

  3. imagine you start buying a tier1 house.
    Later you buy 2 another tier 4 houses. (3 houses max)
    Now you want to change your first tier1 house for a tier4 one.
    How you do that? Can you upgrade it? Or sell it? Or abandon it?
    (I'm not talking about how much gold I need to maintain these 3 tier4 houses)

  4. First and foremost, great job on the video!
    Maybe they allow for some mounts in the future but the mounts can only go 10-20% faster than whatever the fastest foot speed is. I personally like their Design to not have mounts to be honest, BUT highly dislike Azoth to fast travel because it is easy to monetize and exploit an OBVIOUS, MASSIVE and DISRESPECTFUL INSULT to our intelligence with such a design flaw . A flaw that has a free fix and it 100% unnecessary need to use a premium purchasable currency for it.

    What I think they can do is a few thing to make mounts a level of accomplishment 1. only settlement faction leader get a mount, have a ferry system or caravan system by the community that have predetermined travel that can also be an event like a caravan run which is PvP targeted so everyone in the caravan gets flagged, rewards for both defending and attacking them . finally limited mount time for top 3 in a siege thus making it you only have that mount until the next available siege of your area. These are just ideas.

  5. It's getting closer. 7days till Closed Beta. Can Not Wait. I am ok with the travel system as it is for now, but I am a fan of a mount system as long as it is only a slight increase of speed and they have obtainable mounts that are as equal to the mounts anyone can buy from a stable. Do you recall how many of these fast travel points their were per territory in earlier versions of the game?

  6. I'm an oddball when it comes to fast travel. I despise fast travel in an MMO. It's a very unpopular opinion. The only thing I hate more than fast travel is flying mounts.

    I don't mind mounts per se but I prefer mounts to be only about 25% faster than on foot travel.

    I'm a fan of things in games like encumbrance, slow traveling, bind points and death penalties. I totally understand the arguments against and for each but it's just what I prefer.

    I like the fast travel points, such as the old druid rings and wizard spires in old school Everquest.

    If there is fast travel I love that there is an hours long cool down. I like these changes and would hope they keep the fast travel to a minimum.

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