Expressions from Around the World Travel Blitz | Online Bingo Game

Michelle has collected some funny expressions from around the world 🌍✈️🗺️
We’re not trying to hang noodles on your ears! Check it out!
Know any other fun expressions? Share them in the comments below!⏬

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44 thoughts on “Expressions from Around the World Travel Blitz | Online Bingo Game

  1. In New York City, it doesn't matter what your nationality is, everyone knows that "Compras" is grocery shopping, and cleaning the house translates to, "I'm picking up the house"!

  2. Well when you are Southern in the US You say….Bless hisher heart it usually is followed by an insult. Like she isn't the brightest star in the sky. Bless her heart she wasn't the pick of the litter. Love you Michelle!

  3. In Texas we don’t say they’re experienced or qualified… we say “this ain’t my first rodeo.” and I just love love love Michelle's videos she does them SO WELL!!

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