Brace yourselves, friends, because this was a super long and pretty hard day in Peru. We had an awesome time in the desert oasis of Ica in the morning but the afternoon and evening were exhausting and less than ideal. Our hotel wasn’t what we thought and the prospect of all of the driving we have to do for the days to come is pretty darn overwhelming! We need to make some changes and figure this out!
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24 thoughts on “EXTREME HIGHS AND LOWS OF WORLD TRAVEL : Adventuring Family of 11

  1. So plzd you made the decision to drive less as it’s not worth the stress and you guys deserve to relax and enjoy your surroundings .. wise decision guys xx💖💖💖🥰🥰

  2. That's one thing all the travel books don't tell you, how you need to decompress and rest. I read at least EIGHT books on England and France before going over for a five-week solo trip, and what I learned was that I needed an afternoon off every two to three days. You have to, or you'll get sick, and yes, that happened too! But allow time to rest and just chill. Awesome video.

  3. we experienced such detour when we are exploring malaysia and singapore. it was frustrating but now it was the most memorable part of our trip and can only laugh about it now

  4. Best family n family…..all member is the best…God bless all of you,..n make all healthy n happy,,happy love all of you,,,,,sweet girl….handsome guy….cute daddy n pretty mommy,,y

  5. I'm leaving for Morocco in less than a week. It's a scary time to be travelling with the world wide health crisis. I don't really have any set plans yet. Since I've never been there, I'm just going to absorb it and go with the flow.

  6. Thank you for showing the behind the scenes and the not-so-pretty side of traveling. I have been watching your videos since you first moved into the RV for full time travel and I really enjoy following your adventures.

  7. Excellent job driving in Peru. About Arequipa/Colca Canyon. Going to Chivay and the canyon by car allows you for more time to enjoy the condors and maybe explore a bit of the canyon.

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