Facebook: Look here, kids, it’s metavers

Maybe Facebook Currently plagued by scandals, but today it has tried to divert public attention to the future — in particular, a future that has been built around a more ubiquitous Facebook.

At Facebook’s Friend Connect, the company’s annual developer conference, today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew Bosworth, head of the company’s reality labs unit, outlined a broad vision for “Metavers.” To fuel its next chapter, Facebook has announced a series of updates to its Oculus VR and Spark AR platforms, as part of an effort to entice developers to create more apps and features for Facebook’s Metavers. Zuckerberg further revealed that the company will be renamed Meta, emphasizing its virtual-reality outlook for the future.

“Next [internet] The platform and medium will be more immersive, a tangible internet wherever you are Inside Experience, not just looking at it, ”Zuckerberg said during the virtual presentation. He added that in Metaverse, people will come together to work, learn, shop and play with friends and family – things that people can obviously do using 2D, flat screens like our laptops and smartphones, but we look at Facebook’s (Meta’s) metavers. More than I feel today.

For Facebook, creating Metavers is the next step in year-round land grabbing for our online attention. For critics of the company though, Facebook could be nothing more worrying than the idea of ​​becoming synonymous with the next big stage of the Internet, especially since it involves both privacy and content restraint issues around the world.

And Facebook also raises questions about how open this subsequent iteration of the Internet could be by raising its claim on Metavars; While Facebook has called on other technology companies like Apple to shut down their ecosystems, the social media company continues to showcase its exclusive experience for its own Oculus virtual reality devices.

Meta dits

Scrolling through Metaverse.

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A virtual parade of Zuckerberg, Bosworth, and Facebook Reality Lab executives today created a loose view of Metaverse, highlighting a variety of elements — from app platforms to hand-gesture technology to VR headsets and AR glasses prototypes শেষ Join to create a new form. These include the expansion of the Horizon Workrooms app, a VR version of Zoom that Facebook demoed in August; More social versions of Quest Home on the Oculus Quest VR headset for interacting with friends on VR; Some advanced fitness features for Oculus Quest; And support for some non-3D apps in Facebook’s virtual environment. 2D app support is particularly significant, although it’s hard to say how effective these apps will be until they become widely available. But the idea is that if you’re wearing a VR headset to collaborate with remote colleagues, you don’t have to open it to check for slack (or Instagram, if you’re relaxed). These apps will run as a flat panel in a virtual environment.

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