Family of 5 Builds Sprinter Van for World Travel // Camper Tour

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This is our 2017 Sprinter Van we built to travel with our family of 5. We’ve visited all the states and provinces in US and Canada as well as most states in Mexico. Since 2018, we’ve been in Europe and have visited 30 countries since we arrived. With our adventures in Turkey and Morocco, we have officially taken our family in this van to 4 continents and 32 countries as of 2021. Hope you enjoy this video.

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00:00 Welcome
00:48 Introduction
01:05 Exterior tour
01:45 Aluminess side ladder
02:12 Suspension upgrades
02:53 Arctic Tern Windows
04:32 Roof-mounted gear
05:18 Dometic awning
06:03 Solar panels
06:36 Interior tour
07:27 Overhead cab storage
10:28 Diesel heater
11:19 Galley kitchen
12:37 Portable toilet
15:20 Water and propane
17:09 Bunk beds
19:19 Under-bed storage
20:35 Conclusion


28 thoughts on “Family of 5 Builds Sprinter Van for World Travel // Camper Tour

  1. This is amazing!

    I’m a photographer recently out of work due to a incurable rare disease , a father of 4 and no longer with my townhome 🏡.

    I’ve been exploring ways to consolidate, have a small home, transportation, become a full time entrepreneur(engagement photography) and MOST IMPORTANTLY create lasting memories with my children when they are with me!

    I’m hoping my health improves so that I can start back working in order to pursue something similar as you all.

    This was inspiring to say the least! I know it’s challenging, the space, children etc…..

    However those memories will outweigh every challenge you encounter, I wish you all safe travels out there!

    Much love,

  2. Great conversion! We are a family of 4 and also bought a 170 4×4 Sprinter to convert. And we also want permanent beds.
    How do you pass by the 3 seat bench if the door is closed? Climb over it?

  3. Great idea looks good I have 3 kids myself. I like the permanent beds I plan on doing something like this so we can go vacation like 1-2 months out the year in a few years from now.

  4. We are looking for Gabby, please help us she’s a van life girl, we can’t find her please help us I am begging you I’m commenting on every single thread that I can please help us

  5. I'm so sorry and sad to hear about yalls cat:( I had a cat that I got when I was 4 years old going into kindergarten and lost him right after I turned 20.. My dad got remarried and his new witch of a wife got controlling as heck immediately kicked the cat out of the house because she doesn't like pets and he never came back and then she kicked me out of the house.. I had him for almost 16 years it hurt me in ways I couldn't explain.. My dad has 6 vintage camper trailers completely remodeled and shes so controlling she told him she would leave him if he let me stay in one of them.. They haven't even been together more then a year and only dated for 6 months in secrecy.. I told my dad get a prenuptial agreement but he kept it so secret they where already married.. She got a restraining order against me at the house my family has lived in for the last 25 years even before I was born.. The police agreed with me it was wrong but still said if I come back I will get a trespassing charge and taken to jail.. My dad got in over his head.. I'm just upset about my cat and seeing any camper, trailer or van.. I'm all alone in this cold world now just trying to make things work out,, I pray alot.. But God can't even help me because the best times I ever had was being in a confined space with my family the people I love the most and just having them to close by.. I'm glad and happy for yall too see yalls family having a cool little place to be close to each other at..! Sending blessings and Good Health! Yall have safe travels!!!

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