First Time In Turkey | Turkish Breakfast + Ancient Antalya | Full Time World Travel Vlog 1

First Time In Turkey | Turkish Breakfast + Ancient Antalya | Full Time World Travel Vlog 1

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Its our first time in Turkey and we couldn’t wait to try Turkish food. Specifically the Turkish breakfast was top of our list. This travel vlog we set off on our round the world trip that will take us 2 years of work and travel. We are both English teaching digital nomads who just need wifi to be able to work.

We explore Antalya old town and an ancient Turkish site, Termessos in the Taurus mountains. We rented a car so we could road trip across the coast of Turkey from Antalya to Bodrum stopping off at a few places on the way.

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20 thoughts on “First Time In Turkey | Turkish Breakfast + Ancient Antalya | Full Time World Travel Vlog 1

  1. OMG I know Turkey is gorgeous and I have got loads of Turkish friends myself, but I I had no idea how beautiful and amazing the country really is. Thank you so much for this amazing chance to learn about the country. I am enjoying the trip deeply and its an amazing opportunity to break barriers and to create a new understanding. I am really happy for the opportunity to see your videos. Glad you guys are doing this. Congrats on your achievement its just beautiful!

  2. Ancient ruins aren't well protected in Turkey as there are literally thousands of them so only more unique ones are well protected. For example we literally have two Roman candlestick in our home which are at least 1500 years old!! We know this as they are made of bronze that my father found them in a river while fishing and he was like ''I became rich'' but after quick research he found out there are like a million of them and they worth only few hundred dolars so he decided to keep them and we still use them as candlestick sometimes😁😁

  3. Earthquakes had ruined the Roman Empire statutes, carvings as well as wars against Iranian army, Hun Empire Army. During April, May, October, November overnighting at 5 star hotels and resorts are priced at 250 tl to 400 tl, all you can eat 3 times a day, alcoholic and cocktail drinks all you can drink included. 1 euro is 9.5 tl, 1 sterling is 12 tl .

  4. For foreign tourists, beware of turkish drivers moving backwards with their cars, sometimes tractors drive towards you on the service road nearby normal double way highways. On the promenade roads of Antalya, police like to detect high speed drivers above 70 kms in the city of Antalya. 100 kms is the norm to drive intercity roads of Antalya to Denizli or Antalya to Alanya at most. Alanya has 500.000 citizens, in Antalya 1.3 million citizens live and work.

  5. Antalya Turkey is always among top 3 most visited tourism city among all European cities for 2 decades. Spending your 10 nights holiday at 5 star all you can eat buffet restaurants is invincible in lowest prices compared to Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece.

  6. I just found you guys yesterday!! And this Turkey Series! Such a Bummer, that I found this that late, one of the best Turkey vlogs! I am Homesick again I guess, well the Pandemie… but seriously I am surprised and saddened that this series somehow didn‘t caugt the attention of Turlish youtube users, normally it should be full with turkish comments. And you guys went to my favorite Neighborhood in Istanbul: Kuzguncuk!

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