Flosstube Broadcast #5 Liz & Deb WORLD TRAVEL!

Four YEARS in the making Deb shows her largest endeavor yet! Liz displays a piece of hardNger done prior to 1900, a family piece. Deb recruits a NEWBY stitcher. Guess who… New projects to tempt your restraint. AND MORE…

The thread for the My Big Toe project that Liz was showing is called ‘Jewel of the Nile ‘ by Silk n Colors!

Http://countrycabin.farms (Deb)
Http://at_home_with_at_home (Liz)

liz.christopher@comcast.net (Liz)

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23 thoughts on “Flosstube Broadcast #5 Liz & Deb WORLD TRAVEL!

  1. Do you find the gooseneck of many lights magnifiers is too short to reach if have a large project. I have to clamp mine to the arm of my floor stand and they aren’t always long enough

  2. Hello Liz & Deb, I stumbled upon your videos & I am enjoying them so much! I was wondering about the gorgeous 100 day project. Do you know if the chart is available? I would love to tackle that one! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely stitching in these broadcasts.

  3. I'm watching this in late September. Love your videos, sparkling personalities & interesting projects! Wonder how you planned to clean your beautiful old needlework piece. I have a large cross stitch piece of my grandmother. It needs cleaning and maybe even a new frame. I'm terrified to touch it. Thx!

  4. OMG Deb,those finishes are awesome,and i can see why that one took a few years.Liz love that hardanger as well.You ladies stitch some awesome things.You both are fun to watch,i enjoy everything you do.

    Oh and by the way for quite awhile i thought you were mother and daughter!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful works of art.

  5. Ladies thanks for the update (I am watching this on June 10, 2018)  Beautiful stuff.  Thank  you for showing it to us.  Deb, you are born in the same year as my daughter and are way ahead of me in cross stitching.  I am mainly a knitter and crocheter but I have started doing some cross stitching, starting really really small.   I am also watching all your videos as I try and the baby blanket that I am doing.  Thanks again.

  6. Hello Liz and Deb. I am a new susbscriber and watching all your videos which are wonderful. I love your tastes in the cross stitch designs. Many of them are like mine.
    The bell pull is a wonderful job. As I am not used to have bell pulls could you tell me in which fabric is it stitched and the size that it has finished?
    Thank you.

  7. Wow, your stitching pieces are incredible! Deb's Mystery sampler…Liz's heirloom Hardanger piece…wow! Liz, I love all the small projects you do. I have not attempted finishes as smalls other than tree ornaments. You are inspiring me to get out of my box.

  8. Love watching you two. What is the name of the lighted magnifying you brought? And in the future, I am sure I am not the only one who would like to have a tour of each of your stitching rooms. So intriguing to see what looks like your storage solutions in the background. Keep up the fun posts!

  9. I have a question for Deb: In an earlier video you showed "Quilted Garden" a Blue Ribbon Design. Could you share what you used for back stitching? Color and number of thread? I have started it and I noticed there are no instructions for the back stitching! Looking forward to another video from you and Liz! Thanks!

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