FOUR OF THE BEST from Clive Christian | Around The World Travel Set

The ‘Around The World’ Discovery Set from Clive Christian is a new release and perfectly timed for Summer travelling. If you want to take fragrances away on holiday or vacation but don’t want the weight of full bottles then this travel set is well worth looking into. In the box are 7.5ml atomisers of four of the best Clive Christian colognes – C, 1872, Cypress and Jump Up and Kiss Me.

The travel set can be found on the Clive Christian website here:

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31 thoughts on “FOUR OF THE BEST from Clive Christian | Around The World Travel Set

  1. Clive Christian perfumes the best delicious, romantic and for rich accomplished people not for young boys.i own All of them in my home in Long island.Come smell them
    24 hrs lasting and you will feel confident. I have other houses perfumes- MFK,Freddie Malle, Bond .9, Kilian,Amouage,Armani prive, all are good but clive Christian is the far top as far as I am concer.i own many perfumes from the above houses even Black Afgano.Save money and buy some clive Christian C,L,I,V,E..and Corianer oh gosh. Blessings

  2. The Clive Christian fragrances are quite nice but wildly over priced for what they are the bottles are gaudy tacky and the whole line seems aimed a bit at the nouveau riche type gang and elements of the marbella crowd

  3. Clive Christian has the worst customer service. I can't get them to pick up the phone or answer emails. Multiple attempts and occasions. I own 4 of his fragrances, but not sure if I'll get any additional ones.

  4. Great review, Chris!

    My favourite from the Clive Christian is called Woody Leather from the Private Collection. Autumn and Winter scent with a touch of Oudh, very masculine yet pleasant at the same time. But I think the leather notes in the Woody Leather is a bit more potent than the C but I would say, completely different from the Tuscan Leather since the Woody Leather does not have strong fruit note. I haven't checked the C yet but I will definitely give it a go and see how it compares!

  5. Great vid as always. My video is coming soon. My bottle of Cypress should be here soon. I purchased it a couple days ago. After first wearing I splurged and purchased. πŸ™‚

  6. That's the first time I ever heard the word hesperidic in a sentence. lol A+ for diction. As far as the brand, they've always been a little hit and miss for me. Generally better on paper than on my skin. But a great video Chris. Fixed focal length like a BoWs. lol

  7. Nice Chris! I don't personally own anything from this house (Mostly because of the price) but I've had a few samples, and they all smell great! Maybe one day when I win the lotto I'll buy a bottle! πŸ˜‚

  8. The only Clive Christian is own and have tried is rock rose, got a tester for a steal πŸ‘Œ

    Sounds it was so helpful to hear about more from them. Appreciate it.

    That jump up and kiss me has my curiosity peaked! Those notes 😍

  9. I own X, V, C and 1872. I’m glad to see this house finally making it to YouTube. X is my favourite. I’ve tried Cypress from a sample and it’s definitely amazing and one on my wish list.

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