Full Time RV Living East Coast | NEW YORK to NEW HAMPSHIRE to MAINE

Full Time RV Living East Coast | NEW YORK to NEW HAMPSHIRE to MAINE

Well we’ve had to step up our game when it comes to RV Navigation in the last couple months! From the steep grades on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the hectic traffic around NYC, the crazy bridges (avoid George Washington Bridge at all costs, and it’s $54 toll), and the low clearances to avoid having overhead clearing issues / obstructions because the last thing we wanted was to lose our AC unit!

Driving around the East Coast has already taught us how to be better at RV Life and we will now be using RV GPS and some free resources (like flattestroute.com) to help us avoid the trickier roads with crazy grades or many low clearances! Hope our mistakes help you to avoid going through any of that.

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Hey! We’re Olivia and Nathan 👋🏽 A couple from California.

We met back in 2014 in Monterey, California. I (Olivia) was a senior in college & Nathan had recently moved back to the area after living in Italy.

After a few “deep life talks” (ones that were so foreign to me) and hearing about the lifestyle Nathan had been creating for himself for the last 6 years, I wanted to spend more time with him.

We started dating and I learned how he’d moved to Cambodia when he was 17, Germany when he was 18, Italy when he was 20, and was itching to travel again.

I was fascinated and wondered HOW THE HECK DID THIS GUY PAY FOR ALL OF THAT?

Nathan would work in California for 2 years, save every dollar he could, move abroad, find a job in that country, live there for 1-2 years and then do it all over again. Each time, he’d learn the language of that country, acquire new skills & make lifelong friends.

I was deeply inspired & wanted to travel with him. After 1 year of working our butts off and saving every dollar we could, we moved to Australia. We lived + worked there for 3 years (learned to speak perfect Australian lol) & created online jobs so we could continue traveling full-time.

We were traveling South America when covid hit, flew home and bought an RV to travel the US.

Down to earth, entertaining, and informative is our goal — we want you to feel like you’re experiencing the day with us.

Welcome to ON World Travel 🤙🏽


21 thoughts on “Full Time RV Living East Coast | NEW YORK to NEW HAMPSHIRE to MAINE

  1. Alittle late to the show here, but I live on Long Island and here in NY state, no commercial license plate vehicles or any trailers no matter how big or small are allowed on ANY parkways. NY is weird and has the whole parkway system for passenger cars only and you have a really good chance of getting a huge fine for driving your camper on any of them. Just FYI haha but glad you guys made it

  2. My wife and I were cringing when we saw you got on the Hutchinson River. We use to live up there and every few months a truck misses the passenger only signs and gets stuck due to the heights. Many have gotten stuck under an underpass. Was glad you made it. We have enjoyed watching your escapades in your RV.

  3. Just came back from New York in our trailer and it was crazy! The bridges almost turned it into a convertible more than once LOL. If y’all get the chance, make it up to lubec Maine and hike the coast around the quoddy lighthouse! Honesty enjoyed it just as much as Acadia

  4. Hahaha emergency 🍩 donut! That cracked me up, because I understand it! Thanks for this info. We’re heading to Maine, and didn’t know about all of that low clearance issue. ….More to study up on…..

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