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I thought I would record a Vlog video today since I had kinda of a bit of free time and had to go out to get a few things.

I show you on the video what the ministry of foreign affairs look like, and I spoke about how I’m planning on getting my visa.

Then we went to take out some money after Ahmed picked me up with another taxi, the taxi that I catch from home to the ministry of foreign affairs spoke English so he explained us a bit about Mauritania.

Then we went to the biig supermarket bigger than the one I show you guys in one of the previous videos entitled “Life in Mauritania”.

Is a short vlog however I’ve tried to benefit you guys with a few things about Mauritania and soon I will make videos about each and every important subject to know about Mauritania like, one whole video only about food in Mauritania, one whole video about how to get the visa when you first get here.. etc etc

So subscribe if you’re looking up for that in sha Allah

and I hope you guys like this video

Salam aleykum

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