Goodbye Disney! (for now) 🌧 RV Motorhome TRAVEL DAY (Thousand Trails)

Today is Travel Day! Front Row POV Class A RV Ride from the Disney World Area and Thousand Trails Orlando. We Take the back roads of Florida to visit Family for Thanksgiving. So Goodbye Disney World! (for now) Goodbye Thousand Trails Orlando! RV Travel Day Class A Motorhome ‡️‡️

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– Coastal Communities

Michael + Tiffany 😎😎

See Ya Real Soon!

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25 thoughts on “Goodbye Disney! (for now) 🌧 RV Motorhome TRAVEL DAY (Thousand Trails)

  1. great video guys! taking back roads is definitely the way to go. let us know when you're back in the area and we'll give you another ebike tour of Deer Creek. safe travels and enjoy the west coast!

  2. Great Video … enjoyed the little tip of the hat to Deer Creek as you passed … I don't think I would have thought to travel the non-Interstate path to Tampa … Thanks for opening our eyes to another way to travel … enjoy family and hope to see you all back in the Orlando area.

  3. I think no matter where you purchase a year round RV pad you will have traffic as they are only built in areas with lots to do within a short walk or ride.
    I really have to applaud you for doing all the driving of the rig!! I do not like driving in states that are flat, I get bored.

  4. We will be fascinated about what comes next. We sold up over a year ago to go full time. Travelled locally and now we are in the midst of selling everything again in preparation for getting back to the US in February. We have waited so long. No plans for after 4 years of full time. Thanks for your great vids.

  5. Just wondering, do you just leave loose items in the motorhome? Case of water on the floor and other items in the sink or table. Seems like during a sudden stop the water box or other items would fly literally toward the passengers or through the front window.

  6. Micheal thank you for taking me on this journey with you on breaking down the Rv to pack up and move on moving day. And seeing the scenery as you were driving. Very nice and very nice seeing your son at the end. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Have a great night and I hope you fun while your son was there for the holiday. Have a great week and see you soon!

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