Got2Go – 90.000 Kilometers AROUND THE WORLD on a motorcycle SOLO

18 months, 50 countries, 90.000 kilometers – how I rode around the world on a motorcycle solo as a female traveler and what I learned along the way.
This video is for everyone who wants to see some parts of my journey around the world – but the highlights and the most memorable and intimate encounters – the lows and highs of my trip – you will only find in my book.

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// Your family. Your friends. Your job. Your language. Your life, as you know it. Imagine you leave all of this behind, and just go on a ride around the world. 18 months, 50 countries, 90.000 kilometers of adventure.

In my travelogue I tell a story of falling and getting up again, of courage and serenity, faith in oneself and other people, empathy, hope and determination. About setting out – but not to learn to fear the world, but to find adventure, friendship and love.
The moment that changes everything can come at any time. For me it’s a normal Monday morning in the office when I saw a colleague watering a plant with Evian mineral water. I quit my job, left my comfort zone and set off on a trip around the world.
Just my motorcycle Cleo and me, all alone.
But what do you do when there’s a military coup right in front of your window? If your lover turns out to be a Russian sniper? Or if you burn your eyes in the highest altitude desert of the world? You learn your lesson and move on.
The journey takes me past 8,000-meter-high mountains in Pakistan, through temples in India, to the safe shores of Australia, into the driest desert in the world in Chile and Bolivia – and in the end back to Germany. Breathlessly, I let my intuition and instincts guide me, experienced the highs and lows of traveling alone. I begans to see the world from a different angle, and discovered life in all its different facets and forms.

“‘Dwell in the land and you shall be fed.’ – that is out of the question for Lea Rieck. The more adventurous, the better. The worst journeys, she says, are the best.” Hans Magnus Enzensberger

β€žAbsolutely worth reading” – Podcast Cosmopolitan

“Lea Rieck […] convinces with polished language and clever analyses […] a brilliant read with challenges and surprises even for non-motorcyclists. One wants to go on riding with Lea forever.” – Motorrad Magazin

“Wittily written, but still very close to heart […] a real page-turner!β€œ – Motorrad Abenteuer

// Time of journey: May 2016 – November 2017


// Welcome to the journey! I am Lea Rieck, a journalist and author and I want to take you with me on a motorcycle overlanding adventure to all the wild and beautiful places in the world!

// I circumnavigated the world solo from 2016-2017 and now I am going to all other places I have not seen yet. Now on the channel: the first stage of the journey through westafrica, my motorcycle ride from Germany to North Cape “Expedition North” and the best places to do a roadtrip to in Europe.

// Riding a Triumph Tiger 800 XCA

//This epiosde is filmed with:
Very bad, very old gear, that I can’t recommend.

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44 thoughts on “Got2Go – 90.000 Kilometers AROUND THE WORLD on a motorcycle SOLO

  1. If you would have done kashmir region of india the passes at almost 6000M and the highest motorable road on earth also that would have been the best experience and challenge of your entire trip.

  2. You are one of the most courageous, strong will women I've ever known, much love, support πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  3. Wow! Your place is so beautiful and your journey is so amazing!. By watching your travel video I somehow as if I travel with you.I have seen through your video places I wish I could go too but I know is impossible, beautidul places, thank you! Keep safe always. From the Philippines !

  4. Just bought a copy of your book. Looking forward to reading it. My wife and I have just been watching your series on crossing the US from LA to Miami, we are enjoying it immensely and picking up tips for our own travel in New Mexico, Utah and Colorado

  5. Any major problems with the Tiger over 90,000km? Pleased with Triumph reliability & quality ? Currently riding the T7 & looking at the new Triumph Tiger RP. Great vid! Thx u

  6. One thing I noticed in your various travels was all the smiles on peoples faces enjoying life with little or no material things.
    BTW- I live close by and ride the Taylor park area where your video shows that Tin Cup General store in Colorado quite often.
    Just hung up my WR450 trail dirt bike and moved into a BMW 800GS so looking forward to similar adventures.
    Thanks for the video will order the paperback. Keep safe.

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