Gullfoss waterfall is HUGE: Golden circle – ICELAND | World Travel Vlog

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Tine and I continue on our Golden Circle roadtrip, and Gullfoss is our 3rd stop. Gullfoss is Iceland’s biggest waterfall and It really took me by surprise.

It is SO HUGE, It almost has 3 tiers which makes it look so enormous and powerful. It is powerful I’m sure, and I was very impressed with Gullfoss.

The path out to the lower view platform, was closed of because it was so icy, but some people snug over it including us. We had driven this hole way on icy roads and were not going to let this bit of ice stop us from going the rest of the way, .We stayed within the rails and the walk down was beautiful:)

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8 thoughts on “Gullfoss waterfall is HUGE: Golden circle – ICELAND | World Travel Vlog

  1. Ok let me explain how i got here.
    My buddy sent a video of a guy with no legs beat a kids ass on insta and the @ is literallyjustfights (got some good ass fights) and on his story he put a guy getting his face mauled by a bear from thelonelyhotel. Now i scrolled down to his firstish gory video and a guy said in the comment section that he stole this video from him. So sceptical me decided to take a look at this dudes account and while i didn't find any videos of dead dogs i did find that he had a good taste of posts one of them being this waterfall in iceland. It's one of those crazy ass stories where you gotta say how you got here.

  2. Just came across your channel, beautiful videos. I have been in Iceland five times, wonderful Island. Have look on my channel, made quite a few vidoes in Iceland

  3. Always fun to see this one! One of the growing problems in Iceland are tourist going where paths or roads are closed off because of weather or other conditions but tourists seem to just ignore it and then get stuck somewhere.

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