Hadian Carbon Series Review: Awesome Fun

When was The last time you had a right mess? Which left you in excruciating pain. It’s been more than a decade for me. But I can finally get my “last accident days” mark back to zero, and it’s all thanks to a skateboard. I knew I should have listened to my mother.

On my first real ride with Evolve’s new Hedian Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard, I didn’t go more than 30 feet before I lost my balance and landed on the chest first on the road. The board rolled toward the sidewalk. Wailing, I slowly lifted myself up and leaned towards him. I shook the palms of my hands and the knees, but my torso was stiff and in pain. The next morning, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. It took about two weeks to get completely normal.

I was naive. I’ve never ridden a skateboard before, let alone electric! That day, it became clear that this thing Nothing Like the electric scooters and electric bikes that I tested. Balance is actually important! I thought I could learn to go. We will. Chest, meet with asphalt.

Sk8er Boi

Photography: Evolved

Evolve’s Hadian is an electric longboard that is baked in a chassis with dual 3000-watt motors, along with a beef battery. Carbon fiber construction feels high-end and durable. You control it with a remote equal to the premium feeling you hold in your hand, called the phase, it is protected by a wrist strap. The phase includes an LCD display, a throttle, a brake and buttons for switching mode, configuring speed and customizing the visibility lights on board.

Hold the throttle behind the fudge and you will move forward on the board. (There is a dead person switch that you can toggle so that it never accelerates unless you press both.) Gently press the brake and you will stop. You tilt your body to the left or right and turn the trucks on the board (the devices at the bottom of the board have wheel axles at a pivot point). The Hadean truck includes a tool for stiffening or loosening; I like tougher trucks because I find it easier to control my balance.

During those two weeks of agony, Hadian leaned against the wall next to my front door, staring at me as I walked out of the house without it. Shortly after the pain was gone, I thought of taking the board somewhere for a mistake – the post office, a deli nearby – but then I suddenly realized how good it feels to walk.

Eventually I mustered up the courage. Talk about training montages. I watched YouTube videos with riding tips. I took Hadian to a parking lot and practiced powered climbing, kicking with my feet to get the right feeling for the board and balance. Then I slowly ased with his electric aid, starting at 5 miles per hour and pushing it up to 10. Last week, I hit 21 miles per hour.

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