Helen Keller World Travel Photo Album #1

Helen Keller visited 39 countries. This video features her visits to Egypt, Scotland and England. Enjoy!
Music = J.S. Bach – ” Air on the G String”.


38 thoughts on “Helen Keller World Travel Photo Album #1

  1. I hate God in these matters.Because why he is not blind and handicapped? But he the almighty God wants to send some messages to the normal people who finishes their life for simple reasons from Hellen keller and Louis Braille

  2. こんにちは Dear Helen (^^♪🎵💕 She gave people courage and hope!
    ٩(╹◡╹🍒)۶ ii!i!i🏰 ドカーソ🤗🌎( ̄▽ ̄)V いえーい👸💐Brilliant🍷📞(ღˇ◡ˇ)♡💌📫

    My Friend / ~~~ \ ⛅⛅🍈🍇🍒🍓🗾日本から愛を込めて🍒👸The SBQueen

  3. Wonderful to see that Helen enjoyed such exotic travels. I loved the closing shots in particular. Close-ups of her kind fondness for anyone who she was with. Warm regards to you, Helen! I hope you get that freeze that you are looking for. We got snow and a very chilly week ahead. We went out for a walk today on a very sunny day, bundled up in winter coats with scarves and toques and a freezing minus 3 centigrade nipping at our nose. For all the horror of approaching winter, with the sun shining and the warmth from a healthy walk, winter isn't so scary anymore. So funny, it's always like that. Winter is just another kind of beautiful day to be enjoyed in a particularly wintery kind of way :o) I hope you're enjoying your day too, Helen!!

  4. It is truly remarkable how she touched so many hearts and souls, in so many countries! You can see the tenderness and love in her smile; and her firm standing stoicism that was uniquely hers! I am sure the people she touched (especially in the schools for the blind) were profoundly changed for the better!

  5. спасибо за новое видео💖 всегда вас смотрю и поддерживаю вас всегда 👍👍👍 желаю мира и добра, заходите в гости дорогой друг, буду очень рада)))

  6. What beautiful photos! Great looking images. Thanks for sharing these. Please check out my latest original when you get a chance. I hope you are having a great weekend! 🎼✌🎵👍❤️

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