His girlfriend is way too young for him

DEAR HARRIETTE: I’m almost 30. Most of my friends are in serious relationships or building their careers. But one of my friends is worrying me a lot.

Harriette Cole 

My friend’s girlfriend is way too young for him — she’s 18, and he’s almost 27. I find this extremely off-putting.

I’ve expressed to him a few separate times that their age difference is concerning. It’s time to man up, not date children. I have a sister his age, and I know this girl is too young for him.

I want to get that point across to him, but he is not listening. Would it be wrong to cut him off because I disagree with their relationship?

Grossed Out

DEAR GROSSED OUT: Legally, your friend is safe because his girlfriend is 18, but I have to agree that this age difference is significant at this time in their lives.

Before you cut him off, though, try to talk to him once more. Remind him of your sister and how impressionable she was at that age. Point out that no matter how much fun he may be having with this young woman, she is at the very beginning of discovering who she is, while he should be at the point where it is time for him to get serious in his life.

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