Honda CB500X – World Travel Bike Upgrade Plan

My overview of what I’ve already done to the Honda CB500X and initial thoughts on a plan for upgrading the bike into a ‘World Travel Bike’

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22 thoughts on “Honda CB500X – World Travel Bike Upgrade Plan

  1. Great upgrades. I have exactly the same apart from the centre stand. I have never needed one and just adds extra weight. I have a trail stand If I need to lift the back or front. I would also leave the RR soft luggage addition if you can. All the weight adds up. I have a socket under by seat as well powering two USB cables that run from the seat into by tank bag and have another one beside the dash, plenty to charge phones, Garmin or a powerbank. Thanks for sharing. Always nice to see how others set up their bikes 😊

  2. Great upgrades so far. I agree the sump guard/skid plate is the next best option with the Barkbusters and center stand. Those wider footpegs make a difference to. Like you I put on the shorty levers and like them a lot better than the stock ones. As much as I would like to max out my CB500X with all the expensive Rally Raid components, I had to be honest with myself about how I use the bike. Glad to see you out and about adventuring!

  3. Handguards and Bashplate (i dont trust the oilfilter) as well as a Center Stand i would suggest, at least thats the things i will fit to my 2019 CB500X plus a 12V outlet for an aircompressor (for tire pressure and airbed πŸ™‚ ) and another USB socket with two outlets.
    have fun

  4. Good luck when you FINALLY go! Have you thought of making your own enclosed chain case? It's braindead that Japanese bikes dropped them at all but hey ho what can ya do?

  5. Fitted a denali sound bomb mini to my 500X, fantastic bit of kit ,5 minutes to install and is louder than most car horns.Also check out FUEL exhausts,really well made British aftermarket end cans that save a bunch of weight and sound amazing with the baffle removed.Remember to specify if you have a centre stand as there is a wee bracket welded to can which acts as a stand stop.

  6. I have owned that very bike since they were launched in 2013. I would add rubber fork gaiters to that list, they are amazing at keeping crap out.
    I also have Barkbusters. I changed my original screen firstly to a Powerbronze, then a Puig Touring. I would add some auxilliary lights which I have mounted on an SW Motech light bar.
    Those tyres look like Avon Trailriders, similar pattern.
    You should look at the Honda CB500X forum, a lot of info on there.

  7. My thoughts on usb and power socket. I have them both under the seat. The reason being that you can have equipment charging overnight safe from the weather and prying eyes. I keep a power pack handy in a jacket pocket in case I run low during the day and recharge it overnight as required. The power socket is for my air pump.

  8. I've got a new CB500X in black and managed to topple over on some rocky ground after just 150 miles!

    The bike landed on the bar end and exhaust and the exhaust got a good scrape on a rock, so that's prompted me to buy a new exhaust and fit some protection.

    I've ordered this one:

    It's BS marked meaning I won't risk any grief when the bike needs an MOT (done by the government here in Jersey, so they're strict). Nice and light at 1.3 Kg.

    I'll be putting one of those R&G exhaust protectors on the new one.

  9. Rear rack is a must for me. I use a Honda rack and added 2 bolts in the factory threaded holes but brought them in from the bottom and secured them so they stick out about 1 inch below the rack for sturdy tie down points. I can carry more, usually put my sleeping bag in a small dry-bag and place it on the rack to save space in the main large dry-bag. I don't like using turn signal stocks for bungee points and the rack kills two birds with one stone. Love your videos, keep 'em coming and thank you!

  10. Anything you add to the bike, it's always worth using stainless fittings (even if an accessory is supplied with something else) and in particular, use nyloc nuts, plus if you really want to disguise the bolt heads, consider clip top caps rather than paint as the paint usually comes off quite easily (so I've found). You probably don't need to buy such large quantities – the following link is simply to illustrate.

  11. What I'd want to do if I had this bike (I only ride on the road, on purpose at least lol): Additional spotlights, rad cover, front mudguard extender, barkbuster handguards, centrestand, Scottoiler for the chain(or similar brand), different screen if the standard one didn't suit, Horn……..any change to the seat would depend on initial comfort test. Givi top box. USB port and mount for phone too.

    Ride Safe.

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