How Fashion Allowed Me To Travel the World | Shivangi Lahoty

Here’s a video walking you through how fashion allowed me to travel the world!
I am talking about all the things I did which enabled me to travel!
Hope this helps you!

Much love,
Designer Didi

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19 thoughts on “How Fashion Allowed Me To Travel the World | Shivangi Lahoty

  1. Hi di please this is urgent can you please tell about fashion management undergraduate and postgraduate,salary ,scope, and which college is best for it ????

  2. You're truly an inspiration!!🥺 I've been watching your videos since a long time now, and I had decided that if I get into nift, hopefully I will this year, I'll be joining your course for suree di..!😊✨

  3. so i have never commented on anyone's u tube video like never because i don't like it for some reasone..but di i just want say u are just amazing..i love u..ur content..ur confidence ..ur advices..ur I'm totally obsessed with you…whenever i feel low ..or i feel like nah i cant do it i cant go to nift i cant get a good rank ..ur videos ur experiences always inspires me… i want to be as confident as u successful as u …not exact like u…but yes i want to be like u

  4. Thank you so much Didi. I am currently in 12th grade now and I want to pursue something related to fashion and your videos really do help me with understanding what I want and also with understanding all the options that are available out there. Have a nice day. Thank you once again since there are not a lot of information on YouTube regarding the topics that you discuss.

  5. Hello didi, I've been watching your videos since years and has helped me gain so many of my doubts and information. I really wanted to know how and where can we get internships in fashion designing field . Please make one video on that

  6. Sister… If you don't mind can u please talk I English completely? bcoz I don't understand Hindi…the Hindi that u speak in between the video makes it difficult for me to understand the complete video!!😭

  7. Thankyou so so so very much didi…..I get such strong and postive vibes just out of ur words…..u inspire me to do so much good in life…..such an inspiration u r…….😍🤗🌼 I really thank you so much dil se……🙏🏻 Can't b grateful enough to u……😊

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