How to install iOS 15 and all new iPhone features

You’ll still be able to access all of your apps through the App Library, or you can turn off “Focus” at any moment. Individually, your friends and family can see if you’re in focus if you don’t want to be bothered by the messaging app, but a status API will allow any messaging app to implement this functionality.

Live text, photo memory and better safari

Recognizes the words written in the live text photo, making them selectable and searchable.

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One of the best features of iOS 15 is live text, and it’s associated with an upgrade to Apple’s computer vision technology. Point your camera app at anything, including text, and you’ll see a text icon at the bottom right. This will allow you to highlight the text so you can easily copy and paste it into another app. It also works for images with text in your photo library, just tap the same text icon at the bottom right. If the photo or address has a phone number, the live text will turn it into a link so you can tap on it. Phone numbers are unlocked in the phone dialer and the address opens on the map

Perhaps an integration between the slightly unfamiliar Apple Music and the Photos app. When you open the Photos app and go to it For you In the tab, you’ll be greeted with a new version of Memory β€” this feature automatically creates a mini-movie of specific trips or events and automatically selects a relevant song from Apple Music (but only if you subscribe to the music service). You can customize the movie as you watch by changing the speed, changing the song, changing the filter, or changing the image. It’s not too far from the Google Photos feature introduced in 2018, but Apple gives you a lot more control here with music integration.

Safari is now easy to use with one hand. The URL bar is now at the bottom, and it is hidden when you scroll to maximize your screen real estate. You’ll find that the Safari New Tab page has a lot in common with macOS or your iPad’s interface, including your favorite websites, reading lists, and content shared with you. You can easily swipe through tabs and group them together And finally, for the first time, Safari extensions are coming to iOS. These are available through the App Store, although you wouldn’t expect every extension used on a computer to still be present.


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With SharePlay in iOS 15.1, you’ll be able to share movies, music, fitness + workouts, and your screen with anyone you’re dating. Want to listen to a new album with your friend in sync at the same time? You can bring tunes from Apple Music. Maybe you want to watch a movie with your distant partner while video chatting? Easy. You can airplay the movie on your TV at the same time to watch on the big screen.

Apple has said that any content will be able to add support from any other developer, including streaming apps, although services like Disney +, HBOmax, ESPN + and TickTock are already on board. Implementation gives the developer a lot of control. For example, if both video call users try to stream a movie to Disney +, Disney may allow another user to sign up for a free trial, allow a free movie shareplay to be streamed to anyone, or if not However access can be completely blocked. The team has an account. This is the choice of the developer.

Advanced map

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Speaking of travel, the improved version of Apple Map that the company launched last year is now being rolled out in four new countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Australia. Apple’s map data is becoming more detailed in iOS 15 You’ll find more road level details in commercial districts, height information in cities, as well as custom designs for landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. While driving, the map will now show highway interchanges in 3D so you have a good idea of ​​exactly which lane you should be in. These features are still coming to CarPlay after 2021.

If you ride in public transit, the map will tell you when to get off, and if you don’t know which way to go once by bus or outside the subway station, point your phone at the buildings in front of you to guide Apple’s augmented reality. By It’s like AR Live View on Google Maps.

Shared with you

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Select items to share with your friends in messages. Now sit in a new “Share with you” section of the specific app. For example, if someone shares several photos of a trip you were part of, these photos will be in a new section shared with you. In the Photos app. If you are sent a news article, you can find it in the section you share with Apple News. The idea is to give you another chance to see what your friends and family have sent, if you don’t have time to look at it first. New categories shared with you are available in Apple Photos, News, Podcasts, Safari, TV and Music.


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When you use Spotlight, the search bar that pops up when you swipe the home screen, you’ll notice a new design with more details when searching for contacts, celebrities and movies. You can also search for your photos and use it to install new apps You can now easily access it directly from the lock screen by swiping down on the display.

Health app

With Apple’s Health app, you can now share your health data with family members or carers. This way, they can easily keep an eye on the metrics and receive notifications for any unusual trends over time. There is also a new Walking Stability metric that regularly analyzes your fall risk.

You can also save your Covid-19 test results and vaccination records in the app. If the specific medical location or vaccine provider does not support this feature, you can download the record using a QR code or browser and save it to the Health app whenever you want to access it. If you There is Successfully added your vaccination record, the app can now create a vaccine card in the Wallet app, so you can easily flash it before entering a business or restaurant.

iCloud +

This new service is available to anyone who has already subscribed to iCloud without any price change. It adds the ability to create one-off burner emails for you when you’re signing up for a service on the web; Homekit Secure extends video support; And iCloud adds a feature called Private Relay (a final version currently available in beta coming later) that encrypts all Internet traffic from your device so no one can see your data, much like a virtual private network.

Other new features

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iOS 15 has many more features. Here are some more features that are different.

  • ProRes Videos: If you have an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, iOS 15.1 ProRes has added the ability to record video, which you can turn on with the title Settings> Camera> Format> ProRes. Then, in the Camera app, you’ll see a ProRes option in the Video tab. This format gives you more control when editing, but the file size is much larger.
  • Auto macro toggle: In iPhone 13 Pro models, the camera switches lenses when you get close to a subject to enable macro mode, but sometimes it has to switch back and forth. To prevent this, iOS 15.1 now lets you turn off this auto macro feature (Settings> Camera> Auto Macro). Now, to enable macros, you need to manually switch to the ultraviolet camera and get closer to a subject.
  • iCloud Backup: Even if you don’t have enough storage to transfer your data to a new iPhone, you can temporarily back up your data to iCloud.
  • Weather app: Apple bought the popular Dark Sky Weather app last year and it looks like we’re finally seeing the results of that acquisition. The Weather app has a new design, with more detailed graphics, a background that changes more accurately with current weather conditions, and access to high-resolution weather maps.
  • Message: Instead of scrolling through multiple messages of multiple photos, iMessage now neatly organizes numerous photos (sent together) into a stack that you can swipe. To see them all at once, you can also tap on the collage icon
  • Visual look up: Like Google Lens, you can point the camera at landmarks, plants, pets or books and get information about what you see.
  • Mail privacy protection: This feature prevents senders from seeing if you’ve opened an email and hides your IP address and location.
  • Siri: Talking to Siri in iOS 15 is more secure than before because your audio no longer stays with your device. You can control a variety of functions on the device without an Internet connection, such as telling Siri to turn on Dark Mode or set an alarm, and it will run much faster.
  • Find me: You can now find your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max through the Find My app.

Coming soon

Apple unveiled most of the new features available in iOS 15 at its Worldwide Developers Conference last summer, but not all of them were available at launch. Below are a few delays.

App Privacy Report

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Available by title Settings> Privacy> Recent App Activity, This feature will show which apps are accessing your camera, microphone, location and photos within seven days. The app will also highlight which third-party domains it has interacted with, so you can really see where your data is going. Unfortunately, the lovely interface you see above is not yet available. At this point, 7 days later, you will receive a downloadable report that you can only open a text editor on a PC or Mac.

Digital wallet

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Apple continues to search for your physical wallet. Last year it allowed you to add car keys, but in iOS 15 you can add extra keys. Add a home key if you use a smart lock, an access card that you can use to enter your office, or a hotel room key β€” Apple says Hyatt is launching this functionality in 1,000 features worldwide, and yes, you tap Enter your Apple Watch into your room.

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