How to Pack for Around the World Travel (Osprey Farpoint 55 Review)

After a 6 month around the world I felt it necessary to share with all of you what I took in my pack.

Here is the list of items in my bag:

OSPREY FARPOINT 55 – (affiliate)

Chewing Gum (Unless traveling to Singapore)
Aspirin / Ibuprofen
Hand Sanitizer
Headphones SONY Extra Bass – (affiliate)
Business Cards
Small Lock
Lap Top (13″ MacBook Pro)
WD External HD – (affiliate)
100 Extra Cash ($USD or £GBP)
Extra Memory Cards – (affiliate)
Ziplock Bags
A Lucky Charm
Multi Tool
Solar Panel Go Zero Nomad 7 – (affiliate)
Hacky Sack
Flash Drive Corsair Survivor – (affiliate)
ND filter
Dry Bag
Tank Top
Waterproof iPhone case
Patch kit
Sewing kit
Velcro Straps
Water Purifying Tabs
Packable Down Jacket
Spare Batteries
Waterproof Playing Cards
Jump Rope
Web Belt with Plastic Clasp
Swim Trunks
Toiletries Bag
First Aid Kit
Long Sleeve Shirt
Rain Jacket
Under Wear (2) Exofficio – (affiliate)
Running Tights
Head Lamp
No Bull Trainers
3 T Shirts (Poly)
1 T Shirt (Cotton)
1 T Shirt (V Neck)
Long Sleeve Button Up
Flip Flops (Sandels)
Convertible Pants
Thermal Layer








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Canon 70d – (Affiliate)

GoPRO Hero4 – (Affiliate)

Canon G7X – (Affiliate)

Gorilla Pod DSLR – (Affiliate)

Rode VMGO Mic – (Affiliate)


44 thoughts on “How to Pack for Around the World Travel (Osprey Farpoint 55 Review)

  1. I just instantly subscribed because this is the 1st travel video where I felt like you were talking to the camera(me) like a normal person and not like you're on TV. Thanks for the vid 👍

  2. Great video bro. I’m surprised you don’t have more followers. This woke me up. I plan on starting my gap year start if 2020 and I’ll be going around the whole world. Stoked

  3. How do you carry your dslr around? In the daypack?
    I was wondering how people carry their camera gear around when on a daytrip etc..
    I'm trying to figure out which pack to buy for my travels (my other one was cheap and i need an uograde) ! 🙂
    Is it possible to lock the daypack?

  4. Anyone can help me out with carry-on explanation?

    I see that these kind of bags can be carry on but then i wonder how to do this. People take camera's, swiss knifes, liquids (for lenzes, creams..), cameras,… In short all items you cant take on a plane or that excesses the weight of carry on (7/10/14kg), how is this possible? And then there's this personal luggage and carry on. Is this 10kg together or seperate? And for last, what are the extra costs if the airport doesn't allow your bag as carry on?

    Would help me a lot, thanks!

  5. thanks so much. Not sure if you are still reading messages on this clip but I have read and watched about backpacks until my eyes bled. Everyone seemed to skim over the day pack which was important for me, I was unsure if I could fit all my valuables/tech stuff inside and I was going to go for a backpack with rollers but you have convinced me to toughen up – I just hope a gust of wind doesn't blow me over. Now the challenge of moving between 35C and -30C as I embark on an indefinite adventure. Very helpful, thanks again.

  6. Thank you so much!
    I was worry about if my 15' macbook pro could fit in the removable backpack and now I know that it won't fit in it, so know I have to look another option maybe the osprey 46 idk, can you or someone recommend me other backpacks? what about the north face backpacks

  7. Everyone is obsessed with being able to carry-on bags these days and in my experience its just not worth the worry. I spent two years traveling with the older "Waypoint" version of this pack, 85L. It was rarely full but never at risk of running out of room. I just checked it almost 100% of the time which was weird at first but I got to prefer it. You spend so little time in airports altogether that just not having to worry about it and lug it around from gate to gate or ram it into an overhead while people stared – I found that a lot more relaxing.
    … The funny thing is that everyone jokes about how they blow past all the "suckers" standing at baggage claim waiting for their luggage, but what's the first thing you do when you hit a new city? You stand around near baggage claim getting your bearings, maybe logging into wifi and checking a map, etc etc. whatever it might be. I do it too… while I'm waiting for my luggage after I strolled leisurely off the plane unencumbered. 🙂

  8. Awesome video! about to get this pack I think!!!

    I'm a landscape photographer so I will have 1-2 DSLR bodies and 2 Lenses on me. Do you think that if I pack light and smart this bag would fit a small photo cube case (such as the "f-stop small pro ICU") as well as my other supplies/clothes?

    Further, I have not been able to find the internal dimensions of this pack ANYWHERE. Is there any chance you know the internal dimensions of the main pack?

    Thanks so much for any help you are able to give and for the great video!

  9. If you get one of this bags you will see how it starts to fall apart pretty quickly. Mine got the mesh pockers broken in about two weeks. I sent it to Osprey and it was just badly sewed up and returned. Don´t buy an Osprey pack thinking you are going to have a lifetime guarantee and that if it gets broken you will get a new one. They will just sew it up (pretty slopily) and will it back to you.

  10. Great video, thanks. You said you carry three cameras, a Canon DSLR a GoPro and and a smaller Canon. This is exactly what I plan to take on a trip to Vietnam next February. What do you carry them in?

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