How to Pack for World Travel

I will shortly be leaving to travel the world for the next year, or so. I have thought very carefully on what to bring versus what to discard. I thought some folks thinking of making a similar move may benefit from my obsessiveness with compact, light, yet super-useful kit. I think that while I may not be the most super minimalist traveler, I do a pretty good balance of useful stuff, while still going pretty darn minimal.

I have a companion website where I also list the items I plan on bringing with me in my backpack. I will also list these below.


* PacSafe EXP 45 –
* Pacsafe RFID Slingsafe LX300 Anti-Theft Backpack –
* Sea to Summit Ultra-sil Day Pack 20L –

*Outdoor Research Filament Jacket (Light down puffy) –
*Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket –

* Wooly Clothing V-Neck T-shirt –
* ExOfficio Geo Trek’r longsleeved collared shirt (White) –
* Kuhn hooded shirt
* PrAna Stretch Zion Pant (Ginger) –
* Kuhl Renegade Pants (Zipoffs) –
* Manduka The Homme Redux Shorts –
* Smartwool Merino 150 Pattern Boxer Brief (4) –
* Smartwool Socks (athletic cut) –

* Travelon Laundry Sheets –
* Trek and Travel Shampoo & Conditioner –
* Dr Bronner’s lavender soap (4 oz) –
* Wilderness Wipes –
* Do it best, 5″ rubber stopper –
* REI Quick Dry Towel (Large)
* Humangear GoTube –
* Crystal Body Deodorant –
* BrosTrend 1200Mbps Long Range USB Wireless Internet Adapter –

* La Sportiva Helios 2.0 Trail Running Shoes –
* Chaco Updraft Gen 2 Sandals (I may use the Shamma Sandals instead) –

* Macbook Pro, 13″ –
* iPhone 6 Unlocked International version –
* Kindle Paperwhite –
* MeritCase for the iPhone 6s –
* LaCie Rugged Mini USB 3.0 1TB External Hard Drive –
* BENRO Handheld Tripod 3 in 1 Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Phone Selfie Stick with Built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter –
* Anker PowerCore 5000, Ultra-Compact 5000mAh External Battery –
* Energizer Compact Charger With 4 AA NiM –
* Black Diamond Ion Headlamp –
* Cree Keychain Flashlight –

* Sawyer Mini water purifier –
* Aerolatte to go –
* Cocoon RipStop Silk TravelSheet –
* Sea to Summit Ultra-sil Dry sackΒ  and Compression Bag, XSΒ  (4) –
* Eagle Creek Packing Cubes –

* Packsafe RFIDsafe V100 Anti-theft Blocking Bifold wallet –
* Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter –
* Forge TSA Locks 2 Pack –

* Petzl Sitta Harness –
* La Sportiva Genius Rock Climbing Shoes –
* Black Diamond ATC Guide –

Many of the linked products are my affiliate links, but rest assured I only link to what I actually use and admire. I receive a small compensation when you click the links and purchase a product, but I would not recommend a product solely for that reason – only products that I enjoy and find useful.


10 thoughts on “How to Pack for World Travel

  1. Great details.
    Slashed luggage? Has that happened to you? Seems very risky for the thief, for a payoff of dirty clothes & maybe a grubby shave kit.
    Ultralite , but then electric appliances, hair trimmer, tbrush? Did you keep these?
    But, like I said great video.

  2. When traveling minimalist, it's important to have items that perform multiple functions. Instead of an eye mask, I use a solid black Buff. Once it's double or triple folded over the eyes, it really blocks the light. And, if you know what a Buff is, you know that it's the Swiss Army Knife of handkerchiefs and weighs almost nothing.

  3. I think you will get rid of your chest pack real fast, you have stuff you can do without and if an airline is an ass you just pop to the bathroom and layer your clothes on until your bag is the right size! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  4. This was a pretty great video, thanks for linking everything. I don't understand how you filled up the 45L pacsafe with that little amount of stuff because I can take a hammock and a down quilt and still have room left over in a 45L with about the same amount of gear. FYI eagle creek makes compression style packing cubes now which seems to save about 30% of the size.

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