How to Plan a Round the World Trip Gap Year – Travel Thursday

We’ve been wanting to make this video FOR SO LONG, and we’re so happy to finally get to discuss how we plan a round the world trip or gap year. On this Travel Thursday, we’re going to go over our exact process and the tools that we use to plan this round the world (RTW) trip / gap year. We’re never sure which one to call it – it’s both, technically, we guess?

Link to the Travel Budget Planner spreadsheet:

Once you’re done watching this video, you’ll be able to answer the question “How much will my year traveling cost?”, and then you’ll have a goal to save towards.

We love this stuff, and we hope you do too. Ask any questions below!

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12 thoughts on “How to Plan a Round the World Trip Gap Year – Travel Thursday

  1. Great video! I just secured a remote position and was looking for help on YouTube because 3 weeks is the longest I’ve traveled so far. I especially love your tip on multiplying what you spent on your longest trip. Makes perfect sense. What program did you use to create the map?

  2. Hey guys! Love the planner! Quick question: are you guys using it as a planner for both of you on this trip? (Ie. budget for two people traveling?) The getting there costs are clearly individual, but the accommodations you put in seem like for both of you?
    So would the 28,000 final budget be for one, or both of you?

  3. I’ll be following your world travel adventures. Awesome work you two! I’m so excited for you both. My girlfriend and I will be in O’ahu in a week. We’re checking out the trails and restaurants you both recommended. I’m also bringing my drone so I can get those awesome b roll clips for vlogs πŸ˜πŸ€™πŸΌ

  4. This is so helpful guys!!! I am loving this series! I was just telling Richie about you two last night! We were discussing gap years. Josh… you and I see eye to eye, travel and financial planning are my two favorite things! Is there any way to get that spreadsheet from y’all?

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