How to switch from Google Authenticator to another 2FA app

Remember that the codes you create with Google Authentication are the key to accessing all of your digital accounts. If you lose access to those codes, you will need to switch to a backup access method in the case of a Google Account, which may mean entering one of the backup codes provided when you set up 2FA.

If you’re ready and determined to switch from Google Authenticator to Twilio Authy, you’ll first need to make sure you have both apps installed on your phone. You can then start changing your accounts one by one.

There is no automated or fast process. It’s just a question of going to your account, temporarily disabling the 2FA feature, and then re-enabling it with Authy instead of Google Authentication. You will only be without 2FA protection for a few seconds and before you go with the guest.

Two-factor settings for a Google Account.

Screenshot: Google via David Neeld

Obviously, the exact process will depend on which account you use. With a Google Account, for example, you need to open your Account page on the web, select Security And 2-step verification, Click Stop, Confirm your choice, click 2-step verification Again, and then click Let’s get started. You will go through the process of setting 2FA in your account.

Nowadays, Google prefers to use a prompt on your phone as 2FA confirmation, but when 2FA comes back you will find another authentication application option in the settings screen. Click Set up, And at the end you will be shown a QR code, which you can scan using the Authy app. In Authy, tap Adding accounts And then Scan the QR code.

It’s always a good idea to check the login you’ve switched on before moving on. To remove an account from Google Authenticator, tap and hold it, then press Trash button (Upper right). Go through the list of accounts you have configured in the app, turn 2FA on and off for each.

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