How to Travel Tunisia – this is a comprehensive travel guide for your first time traveling to Tunisia, a traveler’s paradise. In this video, I will go over a 7 day road trip itinerary, with highlights in Tunis and cities outside of Tunis. I also share the hotels and airbnbs we stayed in, plus useful tips to know before you go to this epic country. This is the best and most efficient way to see the country in one week!

Day 1: Tunis and Tunis highlights
Day 2: Takrouna, Kairouan, Tozeur
Day 3: Day trips from Tozeur – Chebika oasis, Star Wars film set
Day 4: Tozeur to Matmata – El Chbodd flats and underground caves
Day 5: Matmata to Djerba Island
Day 5-7: Djerba Island
Day 8: Fly back to Tunis

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32 thoughts on “How To Travel Tunisia (COMPLETE TRAVEL GUIDE)

  1. That was awesome. I'm falling in love with this place. I made a friend on Facebook who lives in Sousse. She offered to be my guide if I ever get around to going there. Again, great video.

  2. The reason why you are not allowed to import a drone into tunisia is to curb the illegal import of technology into tunisia. So that you only buy technologies in tunisia to support the tunisian economy and government imports. Unfortunately, the state still has full control over any business and can make money from everything.

  3. Great video but I was disappointed because it would have been nice if you gave us prices so us that are on a budget would have an idea of the cost of this seven day tour. For example how much was the car rental, meals, Airbnb and flight this way we could have an idea on how to budget.

  4. Is this the most awesome video about traveling in Tunisia or what? Amazing exposure! I took a lot of notes for my trip to Tunisia in March, thanks to you🤗

  5. Even if you speak Arabic or French, it's pretty useless to go around the day in Tunisia. I speak both Arabic and French and most people in Tunisia don't understand either of these languages.

  6. Thank you for the cool video! I'm tunisian/german. I'm living in Germany, but I spent a lot of time in Tunisia as a kid and haven't been able to visit since many years. So seeing this made me feel so happy and comfortable ^-^

  7. How have I not known about your YouTube!!! You are so amazing and your Vlogs are Kara and Nate/Indigo Traveller mix of a feel. Love it, for sure going to keep watching you. Also thank you so much for listing your equipment – we leave to travel full time next year and want to document everything to share with our family at home (we made a series on our Croatia road trip this past summer and that got us hooked on Vlogs)! Good luck with everything, and thanks for sharing all this info! 🙂

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