How will covid-19 change travel? | The Economist

The covid-19 pandemic has devastated the travel industry. But as vaccines are rolled out and global travel slowly picks up, how will the industry evolve, and will holidays ever be the same again? Read more here:

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44 thoughts on “How will covid-19 change travel? | The Economist

  1. People are going to come out from this period of isolation and fighting with their family, old identities and life… and want to travel to discover themselves and the world in a new way. It’s time to capitalize on it. The product is exploration and global consumer behavior is shifting in a major unprecedented way. I know what that means… money. Time for me to move abroad again and be a guide. Follow the food/money, to all my digits nomads.

  2. I wonder whether the covid passports are here to stay forever or if it´s just transitory as long as we have a declared pandemic according to WHO? If they will stay forever I´ll reallocate all my savings to the BigPharma stocks.

  3. I want to fly from UK to middle east and probably would have to transit through Germany .
    How would that look like with tests .
    Is it enough to have PCR test done before leaving UK so I don't have to have them done in Germany when transiting?

  4. Please i would kindly ask you guys to put germany in your prayers before you sleep so that on the 12th May tuesday 2021 they lift travel restrictions so that i leave botswana and go stay with my husband.Dont know why we are on a ban list though we no longer have a variant of concern thats bad imagine only 750 died and some are recovering why should we be put on a ban list like really??i curse chinese for making this demonic disease wouldnt be still stuck here imagine three years

  5. I love how the sustainability angle is thrown in to justify travelling and of course a reference to low brow package holidays. I do agree though that mass tourism probably isn't beneficial, especially for locals over the long-term. We have moved away from the simplistic idea that these foreigners bring in money so should be welcomed with open arms.

  6. I'd love to see a video focused on how the skiing industry has fared during the last year and what its outlook is moving forward? There's so much uncertainty next season for so many reasons, would to hear your expertise. Great video guys.

  7. I have just returned to England because I was in Europe and therefore had to leave. I have been travelling on my old age pension for the last three years staying in dormitories in hostels. In Nepal, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Germany. Prior to this I lived in Asia for 14 years on less than £300 p.m. My life is travel but now I've been forced to live in England again for the first time in 17 years. I want to resume my life. When?

  8. If we are lucky there will be a super meteor shower that will knock out all the satellites orbiting our planet (except the moon). That will set communications back 30 years and put a huge damper on this nonsense. It will also give these idiots something else to worry about, since they simply refuse to be happy with an ordinary world.
    Strange how easily the majority has accepted this foolishness and the fact that China has refused an investigation (of substance) into Wuhan. Yet, everyone wants to know what caused Tiger Woods' most recent car crash.
    Virus reason? We dont care.
    Tiger Woods? Police got search warrant for black box and public cant find out soon enough the specifics.

  9. I’m not going to lie, I’m going to Los Angeles next weekend because I ALWAYS wear my mask and have NEVER had to be told to put my mask on. I know that I am a respectful and responsible traveler. I also will be celebrating my birthday next Saturday so I definitely will be traveling a little before my vaccines and DEFINITELY afterwards as well. Traveling isn’t unsafe, it’s just about making sure you’re as safe and responsible as possible

  10. At least as far as air travel goes, covid restrictions are permanent and here to stay just like 9/11 security changes. They are just as worthless and ineffective, but it is not politically acceptable to "reduce safety measures", ever.

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