Hybrid Lives #2 | Think Outside The Silo

Hybrid Lives with David Keen is a limited podcast series from QUO. In each episode, David engages space-makers from around the world to discuss the evolving role of places. Join us in considering the impact our increasingly multifaceted lives have on the places we work, sleep and gather.

concrete develops concepts. we develop them in architecture, interior design, urban development and brand development. concrete loves provoking, confusing, philosophizing, scale models, haute cuisine, burgers, and (most of all) shattering dogmas. concrete provides results. no grand theories or abstract ideas. just things that work. concrete unites people. we work with a team of 50 multi-disciplinary creatives as architects, interior designers and visual marketeers to help businesses and institutions. concrete wants the best anwers, not the easiest solutions. concrete likes to let the work do the talking… Concrete website: concreteamsterdam.nl

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It Came from Hybrid Space: Exploring New Dimensions in Modern Hospitality Spaces

A hotel is no longer just a place to sleep, an office not just a place to work. The role of a place—any place—has changed. Because we’ve changed. But what does the hybridisation of space mean for your brand?

  • Explore new dimensions in modern hospitality spaces
  • Gain insight into the new needs of post-pandemic guests as they return
  • Rebuild experiences from the ground up in light of ‘new normals’
  • Discern transitory trends from long-term course adjustments
  • Offer a hybridised brand experience that transcends physical space

Download the white paper

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