I Bought a $150,000 Passport that can Travel the World

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In other great news, Seek Discomfort is now carbon positive.. Meaning we offset more carbon than we produce. Just one of the many steps we hope to continue taking to lessen our impact. We know there are many additional ways we can continue being better and we are doing our best to make them happen as quickly as we can.

We understand that monetarily this is not a decision every can take. But if anyone else is in fact interested we highly recommend working with Brookes & Partners, the same company we used. They were efficient and knew the process front and back. Check them out here:

And shout out to our travel hacker Guillaume Schaer @milesaddict for bringing this idea to me in the first place.

Check out our Second channel video about surprising Ammar when he arrived in Paris here:

Thanks to the city of Dubai & Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk for their generous hospitality during my stay in the city.

Thanks to my friend Margjelë Shala for helping with the process of writing this story.

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20 thoughts on “I Bought a $150,000 Passport that can Travel the World

  1. Thank you to everyone who has ever watched, subscribed, gotten anything from Seek Discomfort or whatever way you have supported us and been a part of this community. You helped us free Ammar from this constant stress and we can now travel the world together. Thank you thank you thank you for changing all of our lives and unlocking a new world of possibilities for us ❤️

  2. Fuck politics and borders, fuck everything wrong with this world that would prevent a man from being able to visit even his home country or be with their family and friends at the time they would need him the most. This world is very good at separating people from each other and that's how never we were meant to be. Congratulations Ammar, you deserve it and thank you to all of your great friends and partners at Yes Theory for giving you such a priceless chance. Keep up the amazing work guys! ❤️

  3. Let me tell you, I cried. I really cried. I felt your pain. As someone with a Nigerian passport, it is traumatic trying to move. I always look like a job seeker on flights. Constantly nervous each time. The first time I flew out internationally, I was held in Brazil for 5 days in an empty room on the floor, no bed, just cold, passports seized and we (I and my travel group)vwere accused of trafficking. WE WERE GOING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL. The language barrier did not help. Oh God. One day, I too will be able to pass through immigration freely.

    I’m so happy for you. Congratulations on your freedom. This has definitely motivated me to work towards getting a second passport.

  4. It's incredibly humbling to see the things that I take for granted as a Canadian, like being able to travel to many countries and not worrying about visas, and how that impacts lives of those that are less privileged through no fault of their own (being born in the wrong place). I'm so happy that Ammar can travel now and his struggles make me want to travel more and have more adventures! I hope one day that our paths cross in travel and that we may share an adventure, and also that I get to give Ammar a hug for all that he's been through!

  5. You guys are a channel with 7 million subscribers and millions of views per video why did you have to ask your accountant if you can afford it? Genuinely asking

  6. As someone with a Canadian Passport, i often overlook how some have to go through soo much stress just to get through the border. Ive watched Yes Theory closely only very recently, and i just love to see the family that they are. Happy for you Ammar!

  7. as an Iranian citizen, w/ Permanent Residency ( Green Card ) in America , this is pretty much my life
    endless VISA forms/requests/documents whenever I want to travel anywhere
    endless questioning by immigration staff, along w/ being pulled aside into back rooms for repeated questions by supervisors (even when i'm returning back to America )
    the stress & self doubt & feelings of being just utterly worthless is unbearably excruciating at times
    just b/c i was born in a different plot of land. a land that, although i love & respect it's culture & history, i haven't been too since i was 2 or 3 years old.
    i'm currently applying for American citizenship, & it's been a real struggle, even w/ highly capable legal representation.
    however, if it falls through, i'm gonna sell everything & go this route.
    thanks for sharing your story & good luck w/ all your future travels & endeavors.

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