Incredible Turkey in 4K (Ultra HD) Around the World Travel Film 2017 – Episode 3

Take a virtual tour to the land of incredible travel and touristic opportunities, unfold thousands of years of history, and experience the best that Turkey can offer. This new episode of the 4K Around the World Film: Incredible Turkey will take you to an adventure that you’ve never forget!

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We thank our wonderful composer David Helpling for fantastic music that perfectly suits the movie and the scenery!
Original Music by David Helpling

David’s new ambient guitar release A Sea Without Memory is available everywhere.
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26 thoughts on “Incredible Turkey in 4K (Ultra HD) Around the World Travel Film 2017 – Episode 3

  1. Hello, we are the staff of a Korean entertainment program.
    This is a program that tells history by traveling the country non-face-to-face at a time when you can't travel.
    I'm calling to get permission to use your YouTube video. Is it okay to use your video with the source in our program?

  2. I love this country, so much diversity , seems looking at the Part 1 and Part 2 view count Turkey gets the most in millions, Are you going to make one for Istanbul and Black Sea cost? Uzungol my favorite

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