International TRAVEL Hacks & World Travel Guide! Best Tips for Traveling the World!

World Travel Tips!! These International Travel Life Hacks are a world travel guide for packing hacks, to survive long flights, budget travel, travel outfit hacks, and MORE! This video is sponsored by Squarespace, get 10% off your first purchase using

Hey babes! If you have a vacation coming up, I hope these world travel hacks will help you! I’m sharing my money saving travel hacks, packing for vacation while still planning cute outfit ideas, long haul flight tips and airplane essentials, and travel safety in a foreign country!


FTC: This video is sponsored by Squarespace. Some links may be affiliate.

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International TRAVEL Hacks & World Travel Guide! Best Tips for Traveling the World!

Sierra Schultzzie


46 thoughts on “International TRAVEL Hacks & World Travel Guide! Best Tips for Traveling the World!

  1. I always travel, even domestically, with my passport. Two reasons for this: 9/11…if you need to get somewhere safe, and it's another country, you can go with a passport and on a lighter note, if you're travelling on your own or with friends, and decide you want to fly off at a moment's notice, you have your passport to do so. Case in point: If you are a US citizen, and you visit Puerto Rico, you don't need a passport…but there are so many islands next to Puerto Rico to visit, but would require a passport. So, bring your passport! (I have two because I'm a dual citizen and I travel with both passports always.

  2. In the EU data plans are cheap as hell. When I lived in Ireland I had unlimited data with Three for 20 euros a month, and this applied across all EU countries when I traveled! Ran into some issues when I traveled to Switzerland and realized I had 0 data 😂 Make sure to check which countries are EU in this case and make other arrangements for visiting those that aren't in EU!

  3. Note for power converters. All of continental Europe has the same plug design. This does include The Republic of Ireland but does not include the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland). In this case, Spain and Germany. If you have a converter for Spain, you are all set on Lufthansa Airlines (Germany).

  4. I can’t check my bag I have way too many meds so I just take my luggage as my carry on and it a chevron bag with my monogram on it. I also use a wheelchair. I have my luggage bag we take on the plane with my braces in it as well, then we have the back pack full of my meds then my nebulizer bag and my dad takes the medical equipment we don’t have to check. We don’t travel much because it’s a pain and it completely drains me because I’m a sick little girl

  5. Thank you for sharing! You're very talented. I like to travel too:)I fairly recently revealed my first ever movie – My holiday diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would cherish your comments on my video/editing so that I am able to develop like you!

  6. Great video! To save time, I paint my nails on the plane as well as clip my toenails. And I wear a lot of my favorite perfume. Makes the flight enjoyable for all

  7. My top 3 travel essentials
    1. Good quality, lightweight rolling luggage is essential! Never assume there will be someone to carry it for you, or put it in the overhead bin. I travel a LOT making my travel videos, and I now consider my luggage to be one of my most valuable travel tools.
    2. Lightweight purse with travel security features (Travelon, Lewis N Clark, Pacsafe). They’re made with inner steel mesh and cords to prevent slashing and cutting, and they should also have pockets that are RFID protected to prevent electronic pickpocketing of your credit card and passport info. Traveling isn’t the time to use your expensive designer bag.
    3. Gold Bond Friction Defense stick. Looks like a deodorant stick, blocks blisters before they start. It has changed my life when I’m traveling!

  8. Sierra ~ you may not know about PortaPocket, but you WILL find it massively useful. way more than any money belt or neck safe. see what i mean, just google our name (I also just filled out your webform). btw, a very experienced ER nurse once told me to never wear your purse cross-body style as, after 27 ys in the emergency room, she has seen countless cases of women with broken shoulders & collar bones due to having been thrown to the ground by thieves trying to get their valuables. Her point is: cross-body purses/bags may make you believe you're safer, but can actually end up being more of a bodily-injury risk from over-determined baddies out there. This is something I never expected to hear, but I don't see what she does, every day. maybe food for thought? xox

  9. The purple backpack you have, the one that’s your camera/laptop bag, what kind of bag is it? I’m looking for a camera bag that has regular backpack storage too.

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