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It started with a simple idea. Is it too much to ask for everyone to do their part to help ensure the survival of this planet?

It’s not, we thought, but what are we asking exactly when we say is it too much? Well, we initially started this process by conducting research among our WTTC Membership to analyse and decide what our critical issues of focus need to be (You can read more briefly about it on our blog here: The issues focused on climate change, protecting people & places, and, without question, the continuously escalating environment of disruption in seemingly all aspects of human life and commerce. Yet, even more simply, all these issues centre on one more thing: protecting the one thing we all share – this planet. Without it, without it’s finite resources, we would not have anything else.

Throughout history, human evolution and growth has relied on one thing: humans’ ability to cooperate. Without our shared and collective belief in the same ideals, the same facts, the same conclusions, we would not be able to move forward.

Now is the time to be counted. We can no longer be stagnant. We have talked about sustainability for years and years. We are aware. The people around us are aware. Now is the time we make it count and try to make a change. We can only do so together.
We believe it is a very important and simple message with a potentially big impact, and we hope you will too.

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