Jack Dorsey’s Square is now blocked

Jack Dorsey Mark Zuckerberg has no fans. He once said Rolling stoneAt that Chase Jack dinner, the CEO of Facebook served him a goat that he had killed, and the meat was cold. Most recently, he joked about Zuckerberg’s Metavers ambition. However, unintentionally though, today Square’s CEO sees himself taking a similar step to the social media mogul who just changed the name of Facebook five weeks ago.

The square is now blocked. Got it? Block.

Just as Meta retains the Facebook name for its flagship product, Block will continue to use Square for its “seller” business, which includes payment systems and banking products for merchants. The new name, which takes effect today, marks the 12th anniversary of Square’s launch, reflecting the company’s wider scope of business, which now includes a personal payment cash app, a music service tidal and a new crypto-based open developer platform. TBD54566975.

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In a statement announcing the switch, Block expressed surprise at the meaning of its new moniker: “Building blocks, surrounding blocks and their local businesses, communities music, a blockchain, a division of code and overcoming barriers.” Powered by: Blockchain. Square, and especially Dorsey, has embraced the crypto revolution, almost to the point of putting a sticker that reads “Bitcoin Inside” on its products. Did not provide.)

Here’s another linguistic feature: Just like Alphabet, which took a similar step when it changed its name from Google and called its various businesses “bets”, the block will refer to its categories as “building blocks”.

Block said everything else in the company would be the same, except for the new email address where employees would be engaged in what they had done before. The new corporate website address will be block.xyz; Apparently block.com seems to belong to a stealth cryptocurrency firm. Currently, the company’s NYSE ticker symbol SQ will remain unchanged.

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