Klay Thompson to sit out in second of back-to-back against Houston Rockets

SAN FRANCISCO — Warriors guard Klay Thompson is out for tonight’s game against the Houston Rockets, per Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

Since returning from his ACL and Achilles injuries, Thompson has been on minute restrictions playing anywhere from 18 to 24 minutes per game. Thompson will also not play in back-to-back games in the early stages of his return.

In his six games of the season, Thompson is averaging 14.7 points per game while shooting career lows in field goal percentage (37.2) and 3-point percentage (30.2)

In the early stages of Thompson’s return, the shooting percentages are surprising to Kerr but he believes those percentages will rise when the energy and enthusiasm are there.

“When you watch the tape, there are definitely shots that you kind of expect that will go in,” Kerr said before Friday night’s game against the Rockets. “But I think sometimes shots go when you are playing with a good spirit, energy, and enthusiasm. The opposite is true also. If you are feeling sorry for yourself and things aren’t going your way, if you don’t bring that spirit, shots aren’t going to go in.”

Stephen Curry’s been mired in one of the longest slumps in his career — shooting career lows in field goal and 3-point percentages. His performances against the Detroit Pistons — where he shot over 50 percent from the field for the first time in nine games, and against the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night, scoring a game-high 39 points while making six 3’s suggests that his shooting percentages are starting to progress to the mean that he’s known for.

One reason for this is the return of Thompson back into the lineup. Despite shooting career lows in 3-point and field goal percentage, Thompson’s presence on the floor impacts Curry by the attention he still commands.

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