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The reality of travel, we explain what has happened since you saw us last. Then we open up about where we are taking our channel, the plans are exciting and we are working tirelessly to give you, our wonderful viewers what you really want.

If you are new here, we are just your average British couple with an extraordinary dream to travel and as such, sold our house and all our stuff so that we could explore the world for the next 10 years, seeing different cultures, meeting interesting people and sharing it from our perspective.
All of our travel will be cost-effective, we do not have a huge budget! if you think you’d find that interesting and useful, why not subscribe, we would love you to come on the journey with us.

The DNA of our channel is :
– Entertaining
– Informational
– Cost of Living for long term World Travel
– We don’t take ourselves too seriously
0:00 – Sad News
3:43 – Big changes ahead for 2GoRoam

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45 thoughts on “Level up WORLD TRAVEL & News

  1. Oh, I am so sad for both of you, and you, with your stiff upper lips, are so sweet and tender. We just arrived back to US from Southampton on our cruise. While at sea for five days at a time without internet, we worried about the exact things you mentioned in relation to family. And the truth is, you have to live you life and know that you might miss things…but even if you were home and you only had to travel twenty minutes away for a family event, you could miss those things too. So, anyhow, hugs to you. Having said, that, Steve and I are laughing at your plans to share your plans. You make it sound so linear! For us, even though we have an idea, we would never be able to sit down on a Monday and map out every day or every trip. The ideas come to us at dinner, or while swimming, or at the movies, or on a hike…our brains are constantly twisting and turning over ideas, wants, desires, and needs, and then somehow we manage to book plans and trips that work. Right now we are in Texas, headed to Mexico tomorrow for the winter, then we plan to cruise back to Southampton to enjoy SW Europe for the spring. We think we know what we're doing, but honestly, we could just as easily end up in Antarctica in January. Cheers to both of you. Hope we catch up somewhere together soon.

  2. Incredibly sorry for your loss.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the upcoming model. Excited to see the daily life and mishaps that naturally happen.

  3. My deepest condolences on the passing of your mum. That is challenging under any circumstances. Hope you are comforted with being in your home country for a bit and sharing your insider London tips.

    I’m eager to watch your future videos. My partner and I are planning slow travel retirement, similar to what you are doing. Hearing about your daily budget/spending is definitely something I want to hear. Also looking forward to your London tips, as I’ve never been and London is high on my bucket list.

  4. Condolences to you Neil and bro 🙏😓😢your mum was a lovely lady 😍 Keep up the good work and waiting to see the next leg of you and Sarah’s World tour 🙏👍🍀👊

  5. So very sorry about the loss of your mother, Neil. It’s so hard no matter how old they are. I wish you could have gotten back in time but you did the best you could. Looking forward to your new content and format. I’m terrible with numbers and admire anyone who can keep track of expenses! I just returned from 10 days in Mexico with a friend who forgot her ATM card so it was all on me! Fortunately she kept track of what we were spending… love to you both.

  6. Neil, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I don't know how you kept it together to tell people on your video. I truly hope you and Sarah are getting all getting all the love and support of your families as you all grieve.

  7. Neil, Stijn and I send our sincerest condolences and prayers to you and your family as you go through this difficult time. I don't know how we missed this video 6 days ago, but sitting here watching your video on my mother's birthday who would have been 83 today and who left us way to soon at the age of 60. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her, some days more then others. You were very lucky to have your mum in your life all these years, great years. We love your thoughts on your new approach to your videos. Tackling those suitcases first is a must! LOL! I vote get rid of the fly swatter LOL!! Love you guys and keep having fun. ~ Debbie & Stijn

  8. Dear Neil and Sarah,

    My deepest condolences to you on the loss of your mum. As you say, you only have one. It is a big loss and I am sorry for you and your family.

    I think the plans for you channel sound exciting and i look forward to the new features. The London tour sounds promising, for sure! Nothing like an insider’s perspective. You can be our friend on the ground!!I I have never been to London, but maybe one day!!!

  9. So sorry to hear about your mum. We just went through the same bit of situation. We had to interrupt our travels to deal with my husband's mom passing away just a couple of weeks ago. There is so much to sort out and deal with when a parent passes. Blessings to you both!

  10. So sorry to hear about your mum. It's a deeply sad moment for you and I could feel it through the camera lens…It's good that you have your family and Sarah to support you. This amazing project is going to be fantastic. I cannot wait for the 2 days in London vlog. I've been living in London for many years and I still find amazing how many secrets this city holds…as someone said you are bored of London, you are bored of life – best city in the world. It would be difficult to fit all in 2 days… If you have time it would be interesting to include another one with one day-trips from London. You plans are great – I like the idea of planning ahead -it will be like travelling with you but on YouTube 🙂 (and planning for my own travels). The daily recordings is a good idea but won't it be too much?…it will be a full-time job to record, edit and plan daily. I enjoyed more your travels in Mexico than the USA – the culture is different, there is more to learn and there are more challenges (than in the "Western" countries ). I would prefer to see content in "reach-the-world" countries but I'm here for the journey:)

  11. Dear Neil, words cannot fully express what I want to say to you. I can only imagine the mad rush to go home but not being able to see your mum for the last time… Please take time to grieve. The pain will always be there. I say this as one who has lost my mum this year. take care and my thoughts are with you.

  12. So sorry to hear about your Mum. There is never enough time with them. You will always keep her on your heart ❤️. We are embarking on a year in Europe next year so we would love to see some UK travel videos! We plan to visit UK, Scotland and Ireland but will have a home base in Spain where I have family. We’ve been to the UK once before but it was back in the 90’s. Look forward to the budget/finance side of things for UK travel.

  13. Sorry for your loss. Lost my mom a few years ago and it's never easy. I look forward to your upcoming plans. It all sounds interesting to me.

  14. Hi Neil please except our deepest condolences for losing your mum I lost my mum this year in April it takes some coming to terms with,being home spending time with family and friends will help regards and love Keith and Teresa . ps I'm still on the same number if you fancy a chat while your in the UK

  15. I am soooo excited to see London from your point of view, (I think I mentioned that in a previous post). Love the new format but, I think it's going to be a crazy work load. Your genuine life as it's happening vlog is something I look forward to every week. BTW where were you when you made this post? An ancient Roman wall or a local farmers yard?

    One of the reasons that we look forward to your watching your channel is because we feel like we know you. So learning about your loss was so sad and we want to send our sympathies to both of you. It just touched my heart when you reached out to others who have lost their mom and how you feel for them. It just demonstrates what a good kind man your mother raised. I'm sure she was proud of you. I was only 2 miles away from my mother when she passed. So sometimes you are in another country or in the same city and the timing just doesn't work. It stings but, it sound like your family is helping each other with the grieving process and that is a good thing. Looking forward to your next post whenever or where ever that may be. Take Care.

  16. I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom. You’re right when you say that we only have one mom and although all of us have or will go through this loss one day, it doesn’t make it any easier when you’re going through it. May the memories you have be a comfort to you both.

  17. Good to see you both again in front of the camera.

    When you're back on your travels again, Fran and I thought it would be good to show some location details, so a map of where you are and maybe the distance from your previous location. We could google it, but you know I'm not that good at spelling!!

  18. No words can come close to ease the pain, but it does ever so slowly get better.
    We're very much looking forward to your London Video; having been there several times it'll be interesting to see the city as a Londoner might. Also the daily expenditures in upcoming episodes will be interesting as we're currently putting the pieces together to do something similar to what you're doing. We'll be touring Europe on a bit of a fact-finding trip for three months starting in January. After we return home to Vancouver Island, the house and everything else goes up for sale! We've thoroughly enjoyed tagging along on your adventure thus far, and look forward to more…thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Neil, so sorry for the loss of your Mom. Praying for you and your family during this difficult time. When the time is right, we're looking forward to seeing your new travel plans in action. You're a fun couple!

  20. My condolences on the loss of your Mom, we lost ours unexpectedly a few years back and it’s really tough. Yes show us London! We were there 4 years ago but want to go back and it’ll be interesting to see it from an ‘insiders’ perspective.

  21. Neil, I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. Both my parents have passed away and although I miss them everyday I have great memories to look back on.
    I am looking forward to seeing your more detailed content and following your adventures. You both come across so natural and authentic.

  22. Bless you both. Just hitting 5th anniv (10 Nov) of my mum's passing so understand your sadness but time heals. Glad you were able to travel back safely to be with family.
    Lovely you are back in UK although you may already be away again by now! London vids sound fun so looking forward to next instalments and all the new creativity. Good luck, well done and be happy.

  23. Aww Neil & Sarah my sincerest condolences, it’s tough being away from home when you’re in another country, I’ve had a few emergency travels back myself, I’m off to the UK for the winter to hang out with my elderly mum (at least away from -40 Canada 😅), so the repacking of suitcases, I remember your first videos cases and the kitchen sink! Was a good learning lesson for me and my upcoming travels, I saw Sarah’s little packing bags and ordered a bunch 😂.. and we must remember there are shops all over the world! I’d be interested in seeing what you’re packing going back out of the UK. I’m from North UK and will be there for a few months so intend to travel around, would love to see a London trip from you both – I haven’t been there for over 20 years

  24. So sorry for your loss of your Mum. Glad you and Sarah are home with family. Love and hugs to you both and your family!

    Yes, please do the London videos! Will be great with your perspectives!

    Also, when you eventually downsize and repack two go roam again (see what I did there?), it would be cool if you could let us know the items you previously packed that weren't useful and the items that you have found to be absolutely essential.

    All the best to you both!

  25. So saddened to hear of the passing of your mum, Neil. Know that our thoughts are with you both (all the way from down under!)
    We love your videos and use them as our guide for starting our test-drive for slow travel in Sept 2022. We will be very happy to follow your future plans and budgets.
    And looking forward to see the repacking, I always have stuff “just in case” but know that is pointless to try carry with us all the time.
    It is the day to day that concerns/intrigues us most – so please share the good, bad and boring bits.
    How do you keep fit!?!

  26. I am so very sorry about your heartbreaking loss! You’re right – we only have one “ Mum” ( and Dad) and there are no words, just deep empathy from those of us who have lost one. Sending you the warmest thoughts of comfort from afar. 💕

  27. We are very sorry to hear your family news Neil. You held it together really well big fella, we are proud of you. As for the more regular live up dates, not sure if we are up to seeing your faces daily ha ha ha, but we will give it a go, so long as you are both ready to do so too. As two Aussies, we'd really appreciate and would find it very useful, if you did an alternative type of tour of London….would you consider doing a trip to the London sewer network…i am actually being 100% serious! All the best to you both, Darren & Sharon

  28. Condolences to you Neil for the loss of your Mum.
    In terms of what I’d like to see next. Love the idea of the being closer to the time line and hearing more about where you are right now, and plans for the days ahead.
    I’d personally also like to hear more about your investments, how they’re performing and how they’re funding your lifestyle in the days, weeks and months ahead. Do you draw down your Vanguard investments as they grow weekly, monthly, or for the whole year ahead? Do you base your budget on how the investments have performed, and how does the 4% rule come in to play?
    Beat wishes for the days and weeks ahead, and look to the next video 😀👍

  29. My Condolences to you and your family.
    Thank you for sharing your travels and being open and transparent.
    Would be interested in seeing London through your eyes and any other parts of the UK country before you jet off again.

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