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Jimmy Naraine is an entrepreneur & CEO speaking trainer, teaching 121,400 students on Udemy. He has lived in/explored 76 countries while running his business ventures. His bestselling courses have been mentioned by Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur & Business Insider. He also co-authored an international bestseller – Ignite Your Life for Men.

Jimmy regularly delivers keynotes at international conferences such as Mindvalley U, Digital K, DNX, Evolved Lifestyle Tokyo, Nomad Cruise and 12 min me . He also conducts seminars for startups & corporates and hosts events such as the OCR European Championships.

Jimmy runs private training programmes for founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to get their public speaking and video presenting skills to the next level. This also includes helping them to design their own video products from scratch using Jimmy’s step by step process.

He is the co-founder of Growth Masters – an invite-only adventure Mastermind for ambitious entrepreneurs run in locations such as Bali, Himalayas, Canary Islands and Brazil. Jimmy is also an advisor and coach for several successful startup founders.

However, as a teenager he suffered from social anxiety and very low self esteem. Over the years of personal development, pursuing studies in the UK, working for companies such as Goldman Sachs and diving deep into entrepreneurship, Jimmy has transformed the way he views reality. Now, his mission is to help millions of people to destroy their limiting beliefs, tap into their true potential and design exciting lives.


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