Little Panda's World Travel – Learn about the customs in different countries! | BabyBus Games

Do you like traveling? Visit attractions and experience the uniqueness of each country. Have fun with dressing up and exploration. Are you ready? Let’s go! Learn about the customs in different countries and explore the world with little panda!

Join the Carnival
The carnival is about to start. Assemble the vehicles and decorate them with flowers. Connect the colored feathers to DIY samba costumes. Put on the samba costume and take a festooned vehicle to join the carnival!

Explore the Amazon Rainforest
Take a boat and go deep into the rainforest to start the exploration! Dive into the river to find the dolphins. Look! There are the toucans. Let’s take a picture with them!

Dress up as an Egyptian Princess
Apply Egyptian cream and enjoy a facial SPA! Apply eye shadow and blush for an Egyptian dancing party look. Then put on the classic Egyptian straight skirt and serpentine crown to become a glamorous princess!

Dig for Ancient Treasure
Secret treasure is hidden in the desert by the pyramid. Break open the stone and dig out the Bast Statue! Clean up and collage the statue fragments, then repaint it. The statue restoration is complete!

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