Ljubljana Slovenia Open Kitchen, Street Food Around the World, Travel Slovenia, Best of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia, Friday is the day for the Open Kitchen in Slovenia, a must if you are Traveling Slovenia and find yourself in the capital Ljubljana on a Friday. There is an assortment of international food served in a takeaway street food fashion. In addition to Slovenian food, Moracro sampled, Spanish food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Asian food, and some type of “world food.” We saw tajines there, but unfortunately there was no Moroccan food. Mor Acro was accompanied by Andreja’s sister who orders paella and a doughnut on a stick. Andreja enjoys a vegan burger while Mor acro samples a mix of tacos, dumplings, spring rolls, and some sort of stuffed pastry.

For sale nearby is the central market where one can by mushrooms and other seasonal fruits. We include the cost of various items so you can get a feel for the cost of living in Slovenia. We also rate the food items so we can begin to get a feel for the best of Slovenia.

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30 thoughts on “Ljubljana Slovenia Open Kitchen, Street Food Around the World, Travel Slovenia, Best of Ljubljana

  1. street food festival is something I wish would happen in Bosnia, but Slovenia REALLY is european level, with many thing. Bosnia is still war-torn, faaaar from luxurious things to happen…. not even tourism is growing. this is very nice 2 see happening. last time I was in Ljubljana was in summer2009, I remember some parts on ur videos…

  2. I think if you participated you and Andrea in this open kitchen by a moroccan tagine yoy used to cook in Tamghart you would have a great success and a big buzz! Have a good appetite and enjoy the food !

  3. As moroccan i prefer Croatia over slovenia. Slovenia is a hostile country towards muslims and very racist against moroccan people and u will find nowhere a mosque.

  4. I get all my business ideas from you these days, thank you Kevin! You know with those food rates, and apparently no real competition (except the Chinese , they worry me), I'm thinking of grabbing a few dozen tagines and moving to Slovenia. Judging from the rates of the restaurants there, I can easily sell my tagines at 12 euros each, and perhaps ask 15 for large size. Sardine sandwiches will be 6 euros (1 euro less than similar stuff there), plus I give you frites for just 2 euro more!!

    I am very serious about this, but I need to find out how much it costs to rent a stall there, please ask for me next friday!! this is an important part of my business plan! Also, if there is some dance school I can hire the teacher to be my belly dancer ( I can charge a couple of euros more that way and if the teacher is single … marry her (we are allowed 4, but I will check with my wife of course )).

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