LOL Surprise World Travel Blind Capsule Doll Unboxing #1 | PSToyReviews

Today we are opening up LOL Surprise World Travel blind capsule dolls. This is a new series of LOL and it is so cute. Let’s see which different dolls we find today. #lolsurprise #collectlol #unboxing

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27 thoughts on “LOL Surprise World Travel Blind Capsule Doll Unboxing #1 | PSToyReviews

  1. Hey Paul and Shannon. Just to let you and your viewers know – Best Buy often sells LOL Dolls. I have found ones there that are sold out in other places and often on sale too. They even have the play sets and larger dolls as well as the Rainbow High and Na Na Na Surprise dolls.

  2. Hey guys did you know that there is a tokidoki holiday series? I found them on Amazon and they look really cute you should check them out. by the way I love your channel! Oh by the way the holiday series is actually series 1 of their holiday series

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