Louisville: The Don'ts of Visiting Louisville Kentucky

Visiting the home of The Kentucky Derby can be a fun and tasty experience. So if you are heading to Churchill Downs for horseracing or enjoying the Bourbon trail stops or some of the incredible museums like the Louisville Slugger Museum or the Muhammad Ali Center you will have a great time in Louisville. Here are some do’s and don’ts of visiting Louisville, Kentucky,
Filmed in Louisville, KY
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40 thoughts on “Louisville: The Don'ts of Visiting Louisville Kentucky

  1. Covid shutdowns really hit 4th Street Live. I know the Hard Rock Cafe pulled out and I think a few more chain restaurants did as well. But if you really want to sample some good independent restaurants, I think you have 3 main hubs. NuLu (Market Street), Bardstown Road (so many to choose from!), and Frankfort Ave in Clifton and Crescent Hill. All three are great neighborhoods to wander around in and have plenty of shops to kill a few hours.

    I support the movement "8664" which hopes to remove several miles of I-64 from downtown westward. The hope is that by removing a freeway that isn't heavily travelled, even in rush hour, and replace it with a surface road, the physical barrier that cuts Downtown and the neighborhoods on the west side from the river will be removed and there will redevelopment of parks and homes. It's working in other cities – the removal of an eyesore freeway or putting it underground or below surface level and capping it with parks. It'll be interesting if the plan ever gets going.

  2. Don't visit Louisville the only thing you will see Is homeless Camps Panhandler's drug addicts You may even get your catalytic converter stolen Or your whole vehicle The city is very dirty and ran down looking with trash everywhere but no worries are mayor Will have a bike line for you to tour the city with your bicycle All of the good businesses and people that used to be in Louisville have fled ,And by the way be prepared to Dodge bullets Multiple people get shot and killed every day in Louisville

  3. You’re right about a majority of things. Only corrections would be to avoid Mega Caverns during Christmas. The lines are incredibly long and the display isn’t really impressive. And don’t go to fourth street live. 12-16 years ago, it was great, now it’s just a shell of itself.

  4. I’m gonna save you all some time. Louisville is ranked the 7th most tax city in America, the 8th most segregated city outta 19,502 cities, it’s ranked 45 in education and the 5th poorest state in America. If you are educated or black DO NOT GO TO KENTUCKY.

  5. As a native I have a few more suggestions, don't unlock your car doors, don't drive around 90% of the city, hell just keep driving and don't stop! If you liked Louisville 20 years ago, sorry it isn't the same place it was!

  6. Thank you for going way beyond bourbon and the horse race scene. Lou-a-vul has SO much — the best 1800s Victorian and Greek Revival architecture in the U.S. The cultural attractions are major league — theater and classical music. And the museums could fill a month's itinerary. Come here, folks!

  7. I'm pretty sure anyone's concerns of car jackings are from several that happened in a small window of time. A bunch of teenagers were arrested, and I haven't heard of any since.

  8. I was near the second street bridge and some old lady called me big Louisville, I started to say bitch I'll give a disease so bad you'd run like a dog that got her tail cut off

  9. Great Video. But these comments….🤦🏽‍♀️
    Yes there is crime in the West End- but there is crime EVERYWHERE. There are some great restaurants, activities and HISTORY that has shaped Louisville located in the West End. Just be mindful in ALL areas of Louisville when you visit. If you’re still too scared to visit the West End, give it a few years- Gentrification is in full effect.

  10. Guess he forgot to mention we just broke our Murder record and all the shootings and how our mayor and governor have no back bone and that most of downtown is still abandon except for Main Street

  11. The Parklands on the outskirts of Jefferson County/Louisville have really beautiful fields of flowers blooming in the spring and summer and even the fall. I prefer it as my go to park over the other parks.

  12. You forgot to mention Kentucky Fried Chicken founder, Colonel Sanders home and his wife's famous Supper Club restaurant, Claudia Sanders Supper Club. The restaurant actually sits on his old homestead property where he lived the last 20 years of his life. It's located in the bedroom suburb of Simpsonville. It's only about 25 minutes from downtown Louisville off I-64. Their Sunday buffet is fantastic. They are open everyday except Mondays. Disclaimer, I do NOT work for or have any affiliation whatsoever, with the restaurant.

    Also, if you like State Fairs, Kentucky hosts one of the largest in the nation. It runs for 11 days every year in August. Check dates in advance but usually runs the second and third weeks in August. During the fair the Worlds Championship Horse Show is held. If you'd love to see some of the most beautiful horses in the world, this is the place to be. Some very famous people are in the horse business and attend this and other horse events. William Shatner, Queen Elizabeth, Wayne Newton, Shaq, Johnny Depp, Michael Jordan and numerous Presidents have attended this show along with the Derby and various horse auctions.

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