Lush Opened a 24-Hour Vending Machine in London — Take a Look

The experience is completely automated and can be accessed 24 hours a day

The Lush vending machine in London.

The Lush vending machine in London.

Abby Wallace/Insider.

The machine is completely unstaffed and purchases can be made at any time of the day.

“London is a 24-hour city,” Howe told Insider, adding: “The beauty of a vending machine in London is that people can access the products at any time.”

The machine is targeted at shift workers and health workers who cannot always access Lush stores during normal opening hours, Howe added.

The machine was created by automated retailing company, Anmac. The company’s CEO, Andrew McAlpine, told Insider that the vending solution was part of a plan to allow people to access brands and products whilst “on the move,” adding that buyers “rock up and do what they want under their own control.”

“Part of me feels that community has gotten lost in the retail world,” Andrew — who is also a film designer — said. “I think that being able to access products, all the things that people need in life to help them along, and people who end up going home at 3am … it’s really providing for a lot of people who are not provided for.”

The company also stocks flower bouquets in other vending machines dotted around London, with the majority of the contents sold during off-peak hours, according to McAlpine.

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