Manali In December – Top 10 Places To Visit In Manali In December

Situated at an elevation of 2050 meters on the bank of Beas river, Manali is a heaven for outdoors and adventure lover. The serene beauty of this place attracts backpackers from all around especially in December when the entire town gets covered in snow. The snow-capped peaks, majestic white surroundings, distinct culture, religious temples and lavish hotels enhance the natural beauty of Manali. It is also one of the most beautiful and romantic places to visit in December in India. With so much to offer to tourists, here are the 10 best places to visit in Manali in December:

Places to visit in Manali in December

1. Solang Valley

solang valley

Solang valley is the most sought place to visit in Manali especially in December when the entire valley turned white with snow. This is the time when you can enjoy the lots of snow activities in Solang like skiing, snow trek, snowboarding, sledding down the slopes, quad biking, zorbing, zip-lining, biking, a cable car ride and many more. Apart from thrilling activities, you can also enjoy the scenic beauty of snow-clad peaks, and great natural beauty.

2. Mall Road

mall road manali

Being of the busiest place in Manali, Mall road is the hub for shopping lovers in Manali. This place is full of shops, restaurants, hotels and local shops aligned on both sides of the road. Mall road is well connected to the other major parts of town. Also there you’ll taxi, cab or bus for Solang, Rohtang Pass, Gulaba, Kothi and for other tourist attractions.

3. Siyali Mahadev Temple

siyali mahadev temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Siyali Mahadev temple is a historic Hindu temple that is famous for its unique wooden architecture. The rich brown color of the wooden structure with the stunning beauty of cedar trees and the thundering stream at the backdrop attracts a large number of tourists and devotees.

Location: 2 KM from the Manali bus stand, Siyali, Manali (Hadimba Temple Road).

4. Gulaba

Image Credit Holidify

In December when Rohtang pass gets closed due to heavy snowfall than Gulaba becomes the favorite place for snow lovers. In winter, this small town stays under the white layer of snow especially in the month of December. From the last couple of years, Gulaba has become a hot spot for snow lovers as it is located on the way of Rohtang Pass. There you can try various activities including camping, skiing, snowboarding, quad biking and paragliding.

Location: Situated at the altitude of 4300 meters, Gulaba is located at a distance of 14 KM from Manali on the Leh-Manali highway.

5. Anjani Mahadev Temple

anjani mahadev temple

Located near Solang Valley, the Anjani Mahadev temple is the perfect off-beat place to visit in Manali in December. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the major attraction of this temple is the Linga of Lord Shiva. In winter when the snow covers the Linga then it becomes the ice Linga & seems like the natural wonder of Amarnath while in summer the Linga is continuously showered by the natural waterfall.

To reach up there you need to cover the 2 KM trek that is full of natural beauty. If you don’t want to trek then you can also take the ATV bike from the bottom of the Valley.

Location: Solang Valley Road, Burwa

6. Beas Kund Trek

beas kund trek, manali

Beas Kund is one of the most famous treks in Manali that takes you to the source of the Beas River that flows through the town. According to the legends, this is the place where Sage Vyas use to take a daily bath while writing the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The trekking journey from the Solang valley to Beas Kund is very mesmerizing as the trek is full of scenic natural beauty, high mount peaks including Hanuman Tibba, Friendship peak, Shitidahr, Seven Sister and Beas Kund glacier. It is a perfect trek for beginners.

Height: 3700 meters

Trekking Level: Easy

7. Hampta Pass

hampta pass

Imagine a place where you can witness the 2 different sides of nature in a matter of seconds – On one side there is the lush greenery with forest and blooming flowers while on the side there is almost a rigid landscape with high mountains and almost zero vegetation. Yes, Hampta pass is the kind of place where you can see the diversity of mother nature in just a second. Situated at the height of 4000 meters, Hampta pass is the most famous trekking spot in Manali.

Trekking Level – Easy to Moderate

Location: Kullu, Manali

8. Old Manali

old manali

Old Manali is one of the best places to visit in Manali in December where you can witness the traditional side of Manali. This place is a great mixture of traditional and modern with its unique cafe, restaurants, old temples and modern buildings. Away from the hustle of Mall road, there are some most popular destinations located close to Old Manali like Hadimba Devi temple, Manu temple, cafe 1947 and Red house cafe. For the food lovers, there are lots of popular cafes and restaurants waiting for you.

9. Vashisht Temple and Hot water springs

Vashisht Hot Water Springs and Temple
Image credit picnicwale

In the chilly weather of December in Manali, Vashisht hot water spring is the place where you can take a warming hot water bath. The water of springs is believed to have the healing power of disease and skin infection. Therefore, people from different parts come here to take bath in spring water. Beautiful wooden architecture, paintings and figures that depict the history make this temple unique. Vashisht temple is dedicated to Sage Vashisht who was the Kul Guru of Lord Rama. And don’t forget to check the woolen of this place that is famous all over India.

Location: 4 KM away from Manali, Vashisht Village.

10. Gauri Shankar Temple

gauri shankar temple

Located near Naggar Castle, the Gauri Shankar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The ancient Shikhara style of architecture of this temple makes it the crowd’s favorite spot. Adventure lovers can take the trek from Manali.

Location: Naggar Castle Road, Naggar, Manali

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