Marine Biologists' Perks: World Travel

Many people tell me that they want to be a field biologist (and often a marine biologist, in particular) because they love to travel the world. It is true that you can often travel, sometime extensively, as a scientist, especially if you do field work in remote places of the world, like I do. BUT, as with most jobs, the travel is only a part of it (though a much enjoyed part!!). In this video, I break it down for future marine biologists (and scientists in general). Note: I recorded this a few weeks ago, while we were still on our expedition in Thailand — I’ve since completed more travels (i.e., TED in Africa + a stopover in Europe)! πŸ˜‰

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11 thoughts on “Marine Biologists' Perks: World Travel

  1. Congrats on the engagement!! Also, thanks so much for all of the helpful and amazing videos!!! Im about to start my senior year in highschool this August, and im very determined to become a marine biologist! Im so in love with the idea of traveling and learning about the marine ecosystem!!!

  2. Amazing I am currently a student at cal poly in Marine Sciences and I really want to be able to travel the world. That’s for this video. Really inspired me during finals week.

  3. Hi! Aspiring marine biologist who’s in the midst of college applications here, do you think it matters whether or not I choose to major in environmental science or biology? I took ap bio last year and I’m currently taking ap environmental science, and I’m definitely enjoying environmental more so far but I’m open to both

  4. I would be really interested in a video where you talk about your sea semester experience. I’m an undergrad bio major (marine science masters) and am considering it my senior year if I can make the classes work.

  5. Hey, awsome video
    Can i ask u something?
    Im a marine biologist and atm im taking a master degree in bioinformatic. What are your opinions on the hot topics that combine these 2 areas? I need to plan my thesis, so some suggestions would be amazing
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the continuously awesome videos! Would you be able to post a video on the financial aspect of your research work? ie who you contact for the grants and the work involved in publishing research for these institutions?

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