Memphis: The Don'ts of Visiting Memphis

Hey there fellow travelers and Elvis fans! Welcome to Memphis! Whether you are heading out to Mud Island for a concert, visiting the Pandas at the zoo, taking in great blues music on Beale Street or visiting the National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis has so much to do, but also a few things not to do. And so today we have what not to do in Memphis. Though it is mostly what you need to do in Memphis as a tourist.
what not to do in Memphis, Tennessee
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Filmed in Memphis, TN
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28 thoughts on “Memphis: The Don'ts of Visiting Memphis

  1. I was born and raised in Memphis and there is lot's to do. Miss the food and miss Memphis barque is really good. sad to see how some of Memphis has gone down in areas. Check out the Pink Palace it's great place

  2. This video not genuine or balanced. Its like a paid advertisement. Memphis has a violent crime epidemic now. The city is struggling. Were you paid by the tourism office? Project pat made a video addressing the crime wave in Memphis 4 days ago.

  3. Downtown Memphis is great, but don't sleep on Midtown! Overton Square near the Memphis zoo is a great spot for food and nightlife as well. Overall, Memphis is not a place that you want to spend your life. Crime is a major issue which has likely been the reason the city's growth has remained stagnant for decades.

  4. Another don't to Memphis is if the ground is rumbling think about delaying your trip, it's very close to the New Madrid earthquake fault, in 1811/1812 this area registered an 8.2 earthquake with many more still in the 7's. It's said by Geologist to be very overdue.

  5. Don't miss the triple A baseball team – the Redbirds. The AAA team of the Cardinals boast the best AAA stadium in the nation. It's truly one of the crown jewels of Memphis and it's accross the street from the Peabody. Also if you have to decide between Sun studios and Graceland go to Sun studios, unless your an Elvis fanatic.

  6. The Fire Museum on Union Ave is a must for kids and adults alike!! Amazing flash over room simulates a real house fire. The Ornamental Metal Museum is a great hands on museum that has a wonderful gazebo over looking the river, perfect for a picnic!

  7. as a LONG time resident here for work; the ONLY redeeming thing about Memphis (the 3rd most violent city n the USA) is the music scene. you can replicate the great Memphis-style Que at home. the violence happens in all areas across the city and to every type of people across the board.

  8. I live here. I won't go to town. I advise you don't either. There's a reason it is the 3rd murder capital just short of Detroit and Chicago. The interstate 240 Loop is called the Death Loop 240 as there are many shootings just because someone is doing the speed limit as many are doing 90+ in a 55.

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