Music Travel Love – Covering The World [ Travel VLOG] 2018 Rewind

Hey we’re Music Travel Love and thanks for watching out Travel Vlog of Covering The World in 2018!

Travel around the world with us!



47 thoughts on “Music Travel Love – Covering The World [ Travel VLOG] 2018 Rewind

  1. A billion love ❤️ from Timor-Leste 🇹🇱
    I will see you guys one day in the future
    Tequila one of my favourite song
    Respect ✊

  2. HELLO guys. Can I have some advice how to setup your device recording in a very clean outcome? Specially when you're recording around loud waves etc. What are the tools and things you need to have this perfect outcome?Thank you 🙂

  3. Im glad that you are still the same.. reminds me of my Gradeschool i always listen to your music, and i bought all the song hits and poster of moffats. You are still my favorite…lovelots from Vienna austria

  4. Love YOU guys!!!! Been binge watching you🥰 Your sound sometimes reminds me of Seals and Croft’s from the 70’s…..”Summer Breeze”…(yeah! That means I’m old🤣) You are soooo good. Keep on doing what you love.

  5. I love you guys so so so so much and my dream is to also be like y'all one day❣️me and my bestie we both can sing too..but we haven't opened a youtube channel yet😶
    But we will soon and the reason we'll also sing and travel because yall are our inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Hey Clint and Bob! I'm an identical twin too. Loved your "twinnie" comment!We do the same thing! I know you also have a triplet brother, but I think identical twins always recognize each other. I grew up w/all the covers you guys sing, and love them all! Your harmonies are brilliant! Thanks for all the effort! Bless you all! Love from the Colorado Rockies! Cindy T. 😘💕

  7. I really love just listening to you guys even when I am working in the super busy restaurant's kitchen and you just make everything I do even more enjoyable because I'm also looking forward to binge-listening to you guys, don't even care if that's not even a word. Anyways, love you guys so much

  8. I always thought that you are just lip synching over your "real studio voices" when your shooting outdoors just like how music videos are done. Didn't realized you recorded on the spot! Wow. Great effort.

  9. Hey guys! Greetings from Malaysia. Somehow, by whatever intervention; YTube algorithms or divine, I stumbled upon your vids and now, a great fan and here's why; Love the harmonies you do which weaves so flawlessly in every song. The efforts in your travels, your sincere tenacity, believing in your dreams, and most importantly, keeping it real and focused. 2020 is gonna be great for Music Travel Love. Peace, Love and blessings and wish you and your families and team which makes it all work, to elevate yourselves to larger dreams!!!

  10. Found these guys today on YT and they are awesome! But I hate them because they're Canadian, and all of us Yanks know that Canucks are the nicest, most polite people in the world and we are not – argh from the States. 😉👌

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