My First Cruise in 10 Years on Celebrity Cruises’ New Ship

It was my first time going on a cruise in over a decade, and my first time cruising as an adult.

a bed between two night stands

The Infinite Veranda stateroom on the Celebrity Apex.

Brittany Chang/Insider

The cruise ship itself was delightful, and the experience showed me how to appreciate the alluring and gluttonous nature of cruising.

the Celebrity Apex cruise ship at sea as photographed through the window of a tender

The Celebrity Apex.

Brittany Chang/Insider

But while the Apex taught me to respect what cruises have to offer, I bluntly don’t see myself cruising for another few decades, if that.

a living room with a Peloton in the back

The Penthouse Suite.

Brittany Chang/Insider

I don’t remember how many times I’ve cruised in my life, but all of the times I did, I was a child with my family.

a large piece of art on the floor at one of the restaurants

The entrance into one of the restaurants.

Brittany Chang/Insider

I’m sure I enjoyed spending vacation time with my family, but I can really remember about my cruising history were the buffets, the unlimited chocolate milk, some of the ports of calls, the warm weather, and feeling bored during days out at sea.

a bartender preparing drinks at Eden

Inside Eden.

Brittany Chang/Insider

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