MY FIRST Q&A / Am I RICH ? – HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ? -Travel to Singapore,Ukraine,Thailand,USA…

Today I will do my First Q&A. I will answer all the questions that have been asked in the last few months, including the questions regarding how to travel the world and also if I am rich ( not the case haha ). Quite a personal video, hope you can get to know me better and get some value out of my opinions and experiences. See you soon 😉

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MY FIRST Q&A / Am I RICH ? – HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ? -Travel to Singapore,Ukraine,Thailand,USA…

Travel to Ukraine, Travel to SIngapore, Travel the World


30 thoughts on “MY FIRST Q&A / Am I RICH ? – HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ? -Travel to Singapore,Ukraine,Thailand,USA…

  1. First time saw you're video is about live in Jakarta after that see others video more and more. You're so awesome…👍👍 Not just from outside but more your inside, the way you thinking and others more.
    Keep the work and the energy 💪💪

  2. I am a lawyer in Bangladesh. I am 44. I am watching your videos for around one week. Nice to see the places and hear your views . you are right. Getting things never make you happier. Keep going. Thanks.

  3. yo dude, i really like you and your videos. you are very funny, charming, personable and very intelligent!!! i used to do what you are doing. i used to travel the globe for FREE. i was a performer on 2 of the worlds highest rated cruise ships. i have been every where. best time of my life. i lived in NYC for 35 years. i now live in a small town in upstate NY. if you ever want to see upstate NY, let me know. have you been to egypt yet? it will blow your mind. cannot wait to see more of your videos!!! rog

  4. Hi Dany. I just stumbled on one of your videos. And I got stuck on them. I appreciate your philosophy and view point about life. Very down to earth and interesting in sights… I appreciate your mindset at an early age. Thank you for the videos 🤗 by the way you ask who we are… I'm a Lebanese Armenian currently living in Canada Montreal . Keep making new videos and keep safe 🙏

  5. I recently discovered your channel. I am in awe of your maturity and your philosophy about life. I don't think you realize the positive impact you will be having on so many people around the world if they just emulate some of your
    ideas of how to live and what makes one happy. I am in my 60's and traveled around the world when I was younger. I lived in Asia for 10 years working for an Asian government. It was an experience that I will always be grateful that I did. My friends and family couldn't understand why I wasn't back in the States acquiring material possessions, wealth and social position! You seem to have such an amazing philosophy about life. You have my utmost respect and best wishes. May all your hopes and dreams be fulfilled. A very happy new subscriber and fan!

  6. Danny, I wish you joy, happiness and may all your dreams come true. You seemed like a really nice person and I am sure your parents are so proud of you. I used to be a cabin crew with the Australian airline and therefore had the chance to travel to different parts of the world for which I am very grateful. Stay positive and never loose the humility side of you. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  7. I new to your channel, probably pop up coz I subscribed yo Matt D’Vella’s channel.
    I was watching you and like how young people like you can have this sort of mindset and thinking.

  8. You said you wanted to know who's watching. Well, hello from Singapore! Found you from your videos about my country. The funniest thing is I feel I sometimes learn more about my country from watching foreigners experience it. I'm into fitness, spirituality (I resonated with so much of the mindset stuff you mentioned here), and have a YouTube channel dedicated to all things Disney.

  9. To be living in Germany, your English is very good. I’m Ukrainian too but I’ve lived in the USA since 2002. I’m traveling to Ukraine for the first time in March since 2005! I’m super excited! 🤪

  10. You have made me think again about travelling. I recently got my heart broken. I'm 44yrs old. No kids and never married. I hate my job and feel I am just living to pay bills. The last month I been watching personal growth videos and came around to watching videos about meeting women in other countries, because I feel I cannot connect to anyone here in the USA. Thank you for the inspiration. I am thinking maybe I should plan the next 3 years to pay my debt and save to maybe travel. I can always quit my job and find another one if I was not in debt. You gave me a lot to think about. Thank you!

  11. Hi ,this is chan,I come from China,and so lucky to find your channel,your positive mindset motivate me,and I just wandering that how did you keep workout while you on travel?thanks

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