My husband may not know I’m not talking to him

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am tired of arguing with my husband about every little thing.

Harriette Cole 

I began to notice that just about every conversation that we have is an argument. If I say something, he almost always challenges me.

I don’t like waking up to arguments. Because we are still working from home, I am seeing a pattern that I don’t like. I started paying closer attention and noticed that just about every time he speaks to me, it is judgmental, negative or dismissive.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I would stop talking to him. That’s what I have done.

For the most part, I say virtually nothing to him. I keep my distance. I say good morning when I see him. I pass by him without talking. I say “excuse me” if I need him to move. Rarely do I say anything else.

That has brought me much less negativity, but it’s super-awkward, and I think it’s hard on my daughter being in the middle of what may seem like a standoff — one I doubt my husband even sees.

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