NEW! Walt Disney World Vlog | Day 1 | Travel Day & Art of Animation | December 2021 | Adam Hattan

Gary C and I are back for a NEW magical Walt Disney World Vlog series! We fly with Virgin Atlantic in Premium Economy from London Heathrow, UK and check-in to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort near Orlando, Florida, USA for a Christmas vlog series unlike any other!

I’m Adam Hattan, a family-friendly vlogger from the United Kingdom who vlogs the magic of Disney Parks. I love going to Walt Disney World with my friend Gary and can’t wait to share these exciting holiday vlog series with you!

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CLOSED CAPTIONS: Due to a delay with our captioning service, I apologise that this vlog is not fully captioned as of premiere. The team are working on this right now and I hope to have the remainder of the video complete in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience.


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In this travel day vlog, we cover the airport hotel, flight and Disney hotel check-in. We start out by travelling from our homes to London Heathrow. At Heathrow, we check-in to the Hilton Garden Inn at Terminals 2 & 3 for an overnight stay before our flight. There we give you a room tour, explain the process leading up to our departure regarding Covid-19 testing, vaccination certificates and attestation forms. We get dinner at the The Apron Restaurant inside the Hilton and then wind down with a questionable cup of tea.

On our full travel day, we make our way from the hotel over to Terminal 3 via the underground subway. Upon arriving at the Virgin Atlantic/Delta check-in, we proceed to the premium economy line, where we encounter a reasonably long wait. Thanks to some early planning, we had no trouble checking in here as we were ‘FlyReady’ passengers, having uploaded our documents ahead of time via the Virgin Atlantic booking page and TrustAssure (which became active 72 hours prior to departure).

At the check-in desk, I needed to show our ‘Fly Ready’ confirmation, attestation form confirmation and the address of where we’ll be staying in the US. I’d recommend planning to get to the airport 4 hours prior to departure, rather than the recommended 3. Just as the wait was very long. After check-in, we pass through security, pop into a couple of shops and then to No.1 lounge. There we give you a little look at the lounge and tell you whether we thought it was worth the money or not.

Our flight was 30 minutes delayed, due to the aircraft getting into the gate later than expected. We flew on an A330 (Goldern Girl) that was in good standing in 18A and 18C (the bulkhead seats for this particular aircraft and layout). We got chatting to the lovely Lora who took great care of us during the flight. Onboard the flight we share an overview of the experience and review the inflight meal. As for masks, we didn’t mind them as much as we thought we would. Obviously we’d have been more comfortable without them, but you do forget your wearing paper masks in time.

Upon arriving in Orlando we were treated to a very short wait at immigration but about a 30 minute wait for our bags. Aboard the tram we hear the nostalgic announcement by Buddy Dyer, before checking into Disney’s magical express. The line was long for magical express but we got through to the coach pretty quickly and were the first stop on the route. This service will be discontinued December 31st 2021 and replaced by the paid Mears Connect service. We’re not sure yet which service/transport we’ll use on future trips.

Upon arriving at Art of Animation, we check-in to our Cars suite and give you a full room-tour of the suite. Once the bags were dropped, we popped into the Ink & Paint merchandise store and enjoyed a great quick service meal at Landscape of Flavors. Gary had chicken tenders and I had a pulled pork burger, both were amazing and mad us super happy!

Lots more Disney magic is coming in this series, so be sure to subscribe and set reminders by clicking the bell icon. Thanks for watching!

NOTES: I’m Adam Hattan, a UK based vlogger who focuses on bringing you fun and informative vlogs, the whole family can enjoy (parental guidance is always recommended for all videos). I film on a canon G7X Mark III (3) compact camera.

No content in this video represents the views, opinions or operation practices of the Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This content is not endorsed by, approved by or representative of The Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates. All content represents only that of Adam Hattan.


50 thoughts on “NEW! Walt Disney World Vlog | Day 1 | Travel Day & Art of Animation | December 2021 | Adam Hattan

  1. Not going to lie, got a little emotional hearing your first “moooooorrning! (Is that enough o’s?) and the boxers! I nearly had my own Gary C moment with my drink. 😂😂

  2. So excited you two finally got to make it back after so long. Wish I could’ve been there the same time as you all but I went a few weeks before the boarders opened back up for travel into the U.S

  3. Oh welcome back! And you two are going to really have a go at it for this series! Just so glad to see you both happy, healthy, and in your home away from home. Looking forward to it all. Tres bon voyage!😁👍♥️

  4. I am happy, I had to watch the video in 2 parts as I had to work but I was thinking about the video all day, and (raced) drove calmly home to finish watching my 2 favourite people Loved every minute.

  5. Great to see you guys back at Disney and whole new vlog series to look forward to! We are still waiting for our first ever trip to Orlando next may 😩
    You're vlogs keep us sane! ❤️

  6. What? I had to look on a map, those two hotels are literally one at the end of the airport and the other right in the middle of airport! How did the taxi get away with charging $23? (Or assuming some lesser amount plus tip but still). That's whack!!

    Am so flinking excited for a Disney trip vlog from you two. I have been watching further and further back in your vlogs while waiting for this trip and I have officially reached vlogs so old that you both look entirely different! Still gorgeous today and I prefer ur recent looks, editing and content but really, you were practically children! Yay for a travel day vlog, it's kind of my favorite vlog day.

    I wondered when Adam looked out the window of room mid way thru the vlog if he could see the other hotel.

  7. So good to see you both back! We stayed at Art of Animation in November too — missed you by a week or so. You are my favorite Disney vloggers. Love to laugh along with you and share in the fun ❤️

  8. glad you managed to get back to the best place on earth ..Orlando 😀

    Hope you have a fantastic time .. i see that the new genie app is getting a roasting so heads up ( thats the new pass system app for Disney)

  9. I loved every minute of this! I will admit I have been a little disappointed in Disney over the past year but seeing how excited you guys are makes me feel a little more magical again.

  10. I've missed these videos so much! Still the same Adam and Gary I know and love💖 Still the same wild and whacky antics! I love you both so very much and cannot wait for all the videos! Love and pixie dust😊👍✌💖🎅🎄🤶🎀🎁❄⛄😊

  11. Morning, it’s so good to see your blog missed missed you. Thanks for the experience. I can’t wait to visit Disney one day . Can’t wait for part 2 .. whoop whoop

  12. So incredibly excited for this series!

    Thank you so much for sharing the magic with us.

    Gary and Adam, you have no idea how much you have helped get me through the past 2 years of lockdowns and heartache here in Australia. You’ve been my escape when the world’s been a bit too tough to deal with and I am so grateful for that.

  13. I still remember watching your last WDW vlog in March 2020 when the whole park was shutting down. Can't tell you how nice it is to see you both finally back!! Oh how I've missed your Disney vlogs!

  14. You and Gary not being able to come over here during the Pandemic was sad for me since your videos are so uplifting and fun. So glad you both are back, we’ve missed your videos

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