Nigeria criticises UK Covid red list as 'travel apartheid' – BBC News

Nigeria has criticised Britain’s travel restrictions after it was placed on the red list amid fears over the Omicron variant.

“What is expected is a global approach, not selective,” Sarafa Tunji Isola, Nigeria’s high commissioner to the UK, told the BBC on Monday.

He also echoed comments made by the UN’s chief, who described restrictions imposed on some southern African countries as “travel apartheid”.

New rules came into force at 04:00 GMT, which means travellers arriving from Nigeria will be required to enter hotel quarantine – at their own expense.

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27 thoughts on “Nigeria criticises UK Covid red list as 'travel apartheid' – BBC News

  1. Sooo… No response to Nigeria's accusations then🤷🏾‍♂️? By the middle of his responses I'd forgotten that the lead story was about Nigeria 😂

  2. To cut a long story short. We're all doomed! Nothing will stop the spread, while global travel continues and nothing will stop the spread while people are walking around unmasked. Buy your casket while their cheap.

  3. Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Lol. This world is a joke. It's only gonna get worse. One of the most corrupt governments in the world and they come out with that lol. Go help your people they need it.

  4. Perhaps we should really be asking the question`why so few deaths in Nigeria and most other countries in Africa?…seriously, Nigeria population around 213 mill and total deaths from covid still not up to 3,000…….sounds like they should be banning western countries and why would you roll out vaccination for such a virus there?…whole load of dodgy stuff going on and it aint covid!!!!

  5. So, amongst all of these unfounded assumptions and consequently wrong decisions, what is the reality about Omicron? Is it a holiday virus that is only dangerous during the holiday periods? I remember last Summer having paid for 350 Euros in Portugal to be able to board the Ferry back to England and another £300 to be able to enter the UK. Someone is making huge amounts of money out of this virus and we are still going to pay much more before we become prisoners in our own homes and countries and we will be lucky if we will ever be free again before we die.

  6. Nigeria,the oil rich economy is infamous in the UK for its citizens who indulge in health tourism and forged documentation of all kinds, including even blue disabled plaques , before they even leave Nigeria.
    Perhaps your government can hack the British government websites and remove Nigeria from the "red list"?

  7. Are we going to see any tangible quantifiable proof that this variant has been isolated? Because covid-19 sars2 hasn't been isolated yet either. So no evidence, you really just expect people to believe lying politicians and corupt bought controlled media when they say something. Let it be said let it be true?

  8. stop listing BBC …you cant even post in their pages ..Boris already said vaccines isn't working but BBC want force the government in mandate the poison !Variant ?new one?where was?hidding in cave too?banned bbc and stop paying fees !

  9. It was the Netherlands that OMICRON was first found in, but they missed the ball and did not report it. The South Africans did their responsibilities. African countries cannot win here, they are not been given access to the vaccines but when they due diligence with testing and following protocols they are cut off from the world. If presence of OMICRON is enough to constitute a UK travel ban, the US should most definitely be on the list as well.

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