Nvidia GeForce Now RTX 3080 Review: The Only Way to Get One

Similarly Netflix streaming is not as high quality as playing 4K HDR Blu-ray at home, streaming a game through services like GeForce Now is an experience that requires some sacrifice. Video compression means that sometimes the movement becomes a bit muddy, and sometimes blocky distortions or half-second moments where the game needs to be cut and captured.

Although in the case of fast connection কী how I was able to get speeds over 50Mbps at the hotel Wi-Fi, I will never know এমনকি even these problems were very rare. Spent time playing Cyberpunk 2077 And Control, Both games that use Nvidia Ray Tracing and lots of DLSS that allow the RTX 3080 to shine. I was able to play long enough to forget that I was playing a game on a server hundreds of miles away.

That would be enough to make a compelling argument that, even if GeForce Now isn’t going to replace your gaming rig right now, that it might be a decent option for anyone who doesn’t want to buy or build their own. But now the room has to deal with the supply chain crisis.

Why buy if you rent a cow

For the RTX 3080 plan, ছয় 100 per six months comes down to just under $ 17 per month. This means that the cost of streaming games from Nvidia’s fancy graphics card in the cloud is equal to the most expensive Netflix plan, And You still have to bring your own games. Fortunately, Nvidia allows you to use your existing library from services such as Steam or Epic, but not all games are supported. This is a lot to ask when you can buy your own at an MSRP price of only $ 700.

Except, you can’t.

We are serious. Buying a lot of graphics cards — especially high-end cards like the 3080 — is not just difficult to “find a Turbo Man doll for Christmas.” For the average person, this is almost impossible. Some commonly suggested strategies for achieving one include hanging out on a discord server and a dedicated YouTube stream for store stock monitoring; Camping outside retailers; And just to recover the card to buy a full pre-built gaming PC. Alternatively you can simply bite the bullet and shell out around $ 2,000 for one from the resellers.

When they’re the only other option on the table, বছরে 200 a year starts to sound a lot more reasonable. It would take about three-and-a-half years to spend on GeForce Now as much as it would cost to own an actual RTX 3080 at the usual retail price, but only if you can get your hands on one. During this time, the top tier of GeForce Now also has the potential to upgrade to newer, more powerful hardware.

In short, renting an RTX 3080 with GeForce Now is not only easier than buying it yourself.

As good as possible

Photograph: NVIDIA

If you play GeForce Now in Free Tier, it has some flaws. Since the free level of service can be unpredictable for hosting too quickly, players will have to wait in a queue to get online and game sessions are limited to one hour each. The priority level, the previous highest option of the service, allows gamers to go beyond free level users and play up to 6 hours on some more advanced hardware.

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