On the ROad – World Travel, Sanctionals and the Fittest on Earth

Since 2010, I’ve traveled the World as the host of the CrossFit Games. This year everything has changed – offering unique challenges, and new opportunities. The first thing on the horizon is a trip around the Globe – from San Francisco to Shanghai, then Reykjavik and back home. The goal is to maximize experiences, meet new friends and cover the Fittest Athletes on Earth at the Asian CrossFit Championship and the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.

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Featured in the episode:

Graphics by: @briancantore

You X You, Divergent, Teenage Lullaby, Genesis
Epidemic Sound

Produced by:
Nate Edwardson


44 thoughts on “On the ROad – World Travel, Sanctionals and the Fittest on Earth

  1. Same music as Brooke Ence's vblog? The quality of the presentation is outstanding. The jury is still out regarding whether this will be fun and informative like Jason Khalipa's and Ben Bergeron's offerings. Good luck (but that music. Ugh).

  2. Also do you think you can give a shout-out to my channel it is dying and I want to try to hit over 100 subs if you can do that it will make my day
    If you are able too help me I will make a video of you and support you with all my heart,Thanks for not only being my coach but one of my supporters in life you are a nice guy and hope your channel grows thank you

  3. Hey Rory! First met you back 2015 at European Regionals in Kopenhagen Denmark. You were really awesome. Nice to have you on YT, have a great time and all the best for the future! 🙂 Greetings from Germany.

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